Dear fellow parents, it must be so exciting and yet apprehensive at the same time as you prepare your precious one for Infant Baptism. We want to let you know that you’re not alone!

As we were preparing our first child’s infant baptism, we didn’t know what to fully expect even though we were also converts and were baptised and confirmed in our adulthood. We have heard stories of how we need to go for a briefing, possibly to know the reasons behind the infant baptism ceremony, as well as to refresh our own understanding of baptism.

When we first heard that the infant baptism preparation course runs over 6 Saturdays at St Michael’s, which is much longer than what we’ve heard of similar preparations in other parishes, we were a bit surprised and wondered what could be in store for us. However, we must share that it was a beautiful journey as we delve into important topics as Catholic parents, forming a community where we know one another better, and offering support along the way.

We are grateful and truly blessed to have gone through the experience and we believe you will see that will be the case during your journey!

While we know and firmly believe that baptising our child, Clare is the best thing we can ever do for her as parents, it requires a deeper understanding of the roles we as Catholic parents and the choice of our child’s Godparents play in her life, for us to deeply appreciate and experience God’s love for us and for her at the infant baptism ceremony.

While the ceremony is just the beginning of our journey as a Catholic family, it is important to always remember that while parenthood journey is last throughout our lives and there will be many life challenges ahead, we know that with God at the helm of our lives, we will always trust in Him to guide us along through all obstacles and rest our worries with Him. We wish you and your lovely family all the best and we will keep you in our prayers. God bless you.

Alvin and Jane