Do note that these are questions which often get asked, and while great care was taken to address the various questions below, it is by no means comprehensive.

Parish / Registration Matters

1. How much does it cost to have my child Baptised?

The Church does not charge for the Sacramental celebration. Families are encouraged to give a donation to the parish on the day of their child’s Baptism. 

2. When should the parents contact the parish about Baptism for their child?

CSM invites parents to attend our IBP sessions as early as possible in the pregnancy. Participating in the preparation process during pregnancy allows appropriate time to discern whether Baptism should or should not be celebrated once the child is born.  Remember that the cornerstone of the Baptism process is the concept that there exists a basis of hope that the child will be raised in the Catholic faith.

3. Can a non-Catholic Christian be a Godparent?
No. Only a practising, confirmed Catholic age 16 or older can be a Godparent. However, a non-Catholic, baptised Christian who participates in the Baptism and accepts responsibility for helping raise the child to live a Christian life can participate in the Rite of Baptism as a “Christian Witness” (and so reflected on the Baptismal certificate) if a Catholic Godparent is also present. Likewise, a Christian, who was baptised and confirmed Catholic, and now practises in another Christian tradition, cannot be either a Godparent or a Christian Witness.  


1. Are both parents required to attend the IBP sessions together?

This is strongly encouraged. At least one parent has to attend all sessions.
We have had instances where only parent can attend, but we also have instances where both parents attended with their infant each time. Importantly, the Church emphasises the shared journey, faith formation and community building, more so than the Rite of Baptism itself, important as it is.

2. Do Godparents need to attend all IBP sessions?

We encourage Godparents to attend at least the fourth session, when we cover content that includes becoming a Godfamily, Making God visible, Christian parenthood as a vocation, the role of Godparents and community in your child’s faith formation, as well as the practical aspects of what to expect during the Rite of Baptism.

The role of a Godparent is very valuable in the Christian formation of a Baptised child. 

Rite of Baptism

1. Can a child be Baptised privately?

No. Sacraments are by their very nature public and communal, involving the community. When one is baptised, the whole Church celebrates and rejoices.  Therefore, the communal nature of the sacrament is reflected in the manner it is celebrated.

2. Do I need to bring anything to the Baptism? (candle, white bib, etc)?

There is nothing in particular that you need to bring to the Baptism beyond, of course, the parties of interest such as yourselves (parents), the child, Godparents, any Christian Witness (family / friends, COVID-19 situation permitting). If your child is not dressed in white, the family is to provide the child with a white Baptismal bib (can be purchased at any Catholic gift store.) The parish will provide you with a Baptism candle. You may wish to bring along a handkerchief or small towel to dry your child’s hair.