This Week In Our Community

Sacrament of Reconciliation

We will begin a pilot for those in the Blue Zone.

Reconciliation will be available at 9am (half an hour before the 9.30am Eucharist) at the Blue Zone near Our Lady’s statue in the Worship Hall.

The pilot will begin on 7th Feb 2021.

Wishing you Good Health and a
Grace-filled, Joyous New Year

Eucharistic Celebrations for Chinese New Year

Thursday, 11 Feb, CNY Eve :

6.30am (No 6pm EC)

Friday, 12 Feb, CNY Day 01 :

8am & 10am (No 6pm EC)

Saturday, 13 Feb, CNY Day 02 :

7.30am, 4pm & 5.30pm

Ash Wednesday
17 February 2021

Let us together make our Lent a special time of devotion and reflection this year.

Eucharistic Celebrations at
6.30am, 6pm & 8pm

Catholics are required to fast and abstain on Ash Wednesday.

Stations of the Cross
Starting 19 February 2021

Stations of the Cross will commence at 7pm after the 6pm Eucharistic Celebration on Fridays during Lent.

Please note that you will need to book for the EC and Stations of the Cross respectively at

Holy Spirit Retreat

Parishioners who desire for a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit are invited to register for this retreat. Places are limited.

Dates: 26 – 28 February 2021

Organised by: RCIA


Lenten Reflection 17Feb

Lenten Reflection 2021

We will have the lenten reflections as we had them in the previous years.

This will be done via zoom.

We invite you to gather in the same group for the entire period of Lent to break fast together and then listen to the reflections followed by a sharing amongst those in the group.

Dates: 17 Feb to 31 March 2021

Time: After 6pm Vespers

ZOOM ID: 851 8645 8281
Password: 1422

Join the Angelus Choir!

We are looking for Choir members to join Angelus to lend their voices and serve the Lord at Saturday and Sunday 5:30 PM masses.

Please contact the Parish Admin Office and kindly leave your number for us to call back

Infant Baptism Preparation Team

We are looking for parishioners who will be helping us to prepare couples to have their babies baptised.
The team will execute a programme that has been written for this purpose.
Baptisms take place only four times in a year in our parish.

Email your interest to:

Homebound Communion

Register via email :

There are quite a number of homebound parishioners in need of home communion service.

We are hampered by a lack of parishioners coming forward to offer this service.

Giving communion to the homebound is our way of reaching out to those in need.

If you are not involved in the parish so far, can you give this some thought. We are only limited by your generosity in this area.

Bible Study

Letter of St Paul to the Romans

Fr. Terence will be explaining this letter that St. Paul wrote whilst in captivity. This letter has often been quoted as saying that we don’t need works and just faith is enough to be saved.

Come and find out the context in which St. Paul writes to the early Christians.

It will be conducted via zoom.

Dates: 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 March

Time: 8pm

Register at

CSM Online Library

Check out our new CSM Online Library where there is something for everyone from children to teens to books on faith

Saturday Evening Eucharist

As the response has been minimal these past few months, the last Saturday Eucharist  at 7.00pm will be on 30th January 2021. As of February, we will have only the 4.00pm and 5.30pm EC on Saturdays.

Information Talks- Lumen Gentium


Time:  Mondays, 8pm

Dates: 25 Jan, 1 Feb, 8 Feb, 15 Feb, 22 Feb

Speaker: Daphne Leong

Venue: via Zoom

The church itself is Lumen Gentium (in Latin means “Light of the Nations”). What is the primary role of the church? What is the role of laity and the People of God? What is the call to holiness and our connectedness to the saints? We urge everyone to sign in for these talks so that you will get a better idea of what the role of the laity.

Mass Booking Etiquette

As sisters and brothers in Christ of our beloved parish, let us act in kindness and consideration towards one another other when making bookings for Eucharistic celebrations.

1 system: Register only with

Mass booking is only required on myCatholic.Sg. There is no need to register with the parish office again.

This made the use of our own system difficult: Parishioners who book on myCatholic.Sg as well as on our parish system

1 Booking: choose only 1 time slot

Choose a mass that you will be able to attend and do show up for it upon registering. With limited seating, do consider our other sisters and brothers who wish to go but may not have the chance to because of bookings made but with no show.

This made the use of our own system difficult: Parishioners that cannot attend mass at an earlier mass (eg. 4pm on Sat) sign up repeatedly on the parish system because it’s available.

Mass Bookings

  • 4x in a month- weekend ECs
  • 1x Daily- Weekday ECs

In a month, one may register up to 4 times for Weekend Eucharists. One may also register up to 1x time daily, for Weekday Eucharists.

This made the use of our own system difficult: Parishioners that cannot attend mass at an earlier mass (eg. 4pm on Sat) sign up repeatedly on the parish system because it’s available.


The mass booking confirmation is triggered immediately by system by the Archdiocese of Singapore, and not at our parish of the Church of St Michael.

This made the use of our own system difficult: Parishioners who bagger the staff about the release of the emails for booking

Parishioners Only

Eucharistic Celebrations on zoom are only for CSM parishioners who have registered for it. To avoid any misunderstanding, your kind cooperation is requested to not share Zoom details and links with others who have not registered.

This made the use of our own system difficult: Parishioners who pass on the link to Catholics from other Churches

All of the above leads made the use of our own system difficult and staff working overtime in order to get a proper listing for the Eucharist.

Full post published Here

Around Our Archdiocese

Lunar New Year Dispensation

Please note that the Conference of Bishops have granted that the dispensation on
Fridays will be lifted for the 12, 19, 26th of February 2021.
Catholics are however required to fast and abstain on Ash Wednesday.

2021 Lenten Reflection e-Booklet

The Office for the New Evangelisation has produced a reflection e-booklet to journey with you throughout Lent. They are available in English, Chinese and Tamil. The reflection theme for Lent is “The Word, Source of Life”.

Please download the e-booklet at:

Short weekly videos that complement the e-booklet will also be uploaded on Thursday 8pm, starting 31 Jan at

My Journey Series
Dr James Lam Kian Ming
– Chief Executive Officer
Mount Alvernia Hospital

Catholic Business Network (CBN) is pleased to present our next My Journey Series Online via Zoom Webinar featuring Dr James Lam.

We invite you to spend some time with James as he shares his passion and perspective on how healthcare is a wonderful experience of God’s love, both personally enriching to delve deeper to understand the love of Christ for the sick and marginalized, as well as to be part of a healthcare community of professionals responding to Christ’s call to “Go and do likewise”.

There will be Live Q&A during the session.

Join us!
Date: Sat 27th Feb 2021
Time: 10am

Free Admission: Love offering welome


Jesus for Everyone


‘Evangelization is a priority mission of the 20thCentury Church.

It is the essential mission of the church for all times’ – Pope Paul VI

Let us ponder, how do you make evangelization a priority in the coming year?

My Personal Moral Compass 2021

By: Rev Fr David Garcia, OP

My Personal Moral Compass (MPMC) is a year-long (January to December) systematic course in Moral Theology. This course is for people who are interested in formative foundation of Ethics and Moral Theology. This course is organised by Caritas Singapore.

MPMC will start on 21 January 2021 and will be held weekly on Thursdays. Currently, sessions will be conducted online.

For more information and registration, please email


PRAYCATION – Montfortian Experience 2021

Renew your faith this year as we celebrate Catholic 200SG by spending a praycation with us at Montfort Centre.

We have now included the blended approach for those who just can’t seem to find time to spend a whole weekend retreat with us at Montfort Centre especially in this pandemic.

Fret not, we hear you and we are here with you.

Contact Lydia at 67695711 for more information!

CBN Career Counselling

Dear Friends of CBN,

Our Career Counselling Service  is now available on Zoom Meeting.

In these current times, this can be a valuable service for you, as you can have discussions with a trained Counsellor on Career exploration, Career planning, Career transitions, Workplace challenges, Job Search strategies etc.

God Bless.

Click Here to Register.

Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre)- Letters

Date: 11 Jan – 3 May 2021 [16 Sessions Monday Evenings]
No classes on (February 15)
TIME: EVENINGS (8:00 – 10:00 PM)
By:  Msgr. Ambrose Vaz

Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre- Gospel of Mark

Date: 12 Jan – 20 April 2021 [14 Sessions Tuesday Evenings]
No session on (Feb 9)
TIME: EVENINGS (8:00 – 10:00 PM)
By:  Msgr. Eugene Vaz

Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre- Books of Tobit, Judith & Esther

Date: 13 Jan – 5 May 2021 [16 Sessions Wednesday Evenings]
No classes on (February 10)
TIME: EVENINGS (8:00 – 10:00 PM)
By:  Msgr. Ambrose Vaz

Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre- Wisdom Books

Date: 14 Jan 14 – 27 May 2021 [16 Sessions Tuesday Evenings]
No classes on (Mar 18 School Break ,Apr 1 & 8 Lent & Easter Week, May 13)
TIME: EVENINGS (7:30 – 9:30 PM)

Date: 19 Jan – 18 May 2021 [16 Sessions Tuesday Mornings]
No classes on (Mar 16 School Break ,Apr 6 Easter Octave)
TIME: MORNINGS (9:30 – 11:30 AM)

By (both): Fr. Ferdinand Purnomo OCD

Catholic Archdiocesan Education Centre- Books of Samuel

Books of SAMUEL

Date: 15 Jan – 14 May 2021 [16 Sessions Friday Mornings]
No classes on (February 12 & April 2)
TIME: MORNINGS (9:30 – 11:30 AM)
By:  Msgr. Ambrose Vaz

LOVE OFFERING Options (for all the above):

  1. PayNow:  using UEN T08CC4023DBA1 This is the name that will appear ARCHDIOCESAN BIBLICAL APOSTOLATE
  2. Bank Transfer to: UOB A/C No.: 451-300-686-6 (Please add SM in your PAYNOW and BANK Transfer detail)
  3. Cheque: to Payee Name- Archdiocesan Biblical Apostolate
  4. Post: 2 Highland Road, #03- 17 Singapore 549102
Oct’20 to Dec’20 (GIFT Quarterly Report)
Church of St Michael          $26,719

All Year Round @ CSM

Sacraments & Worship @ CSM

CSM Sunday 11am Zoom
Eucharistic Celebrations


There are now 4 EC booking sessions per month for weekends;
each parishioner is limited to 4 weekend ECs per month.
Daily ECs are limited to 1 EC per day.
Please note that you must register to attend ECs at CSM via

For further information, please visit

Note: If you had previously registered for Sunday 11am Zoom Eucharist celebrations, you need not register again for future ECs- the system will generate the new ID & password 12 hours before the Eucharist Celebration on Sunday. Registration at the link is only required once.

Eucharist Intentions Offerings
For those who wish to submit Eucharist intentions, do state:
1) Name
2) Date
3) Time of EC (11am Sunday/ Weekday Morning or evening)
4) Intention of Eucharist
5) Cheque number

kindly email the above 14 days before the stated EC to, followed by mailing a cheque (made payable to Church of St Michael to Church of St Michael, 17 St Michael’s Rd, Singapore 327976)

Sacrament of Reconcilation

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Register via email:

Many Catholics treasure the sacrament of Reconciliation.

The peace of mind and soul which this sacrament imparts to us is one for which there is no substitute. It is a peace that flows from a certainty, rather than from an unsure hope, that our sins have been forgiven and that we are right with God.

Our CSM priests will be available on the following days and times:

Monday and Tuesday (after evening EC at 6.30pm – 7.30pm)

Tuesday and Friday (7.15am – 8.15am)

Sacrament of Reconciliation on Sunday

We will begin a pilot for those in the Blue Zone.

Reconciliation will be available half an hour before the Eucharist at the Blue Zone near the reconciliation room.

The pilot will begin on 7th Feb 2021 at the 9.30am Eucharist.

Private Worship

Private Worship


Dear Parishioners, Private Worship is available in half-hourly slots in the mornings. If you would like to come and pray at the church, do register first with the Parish Admin Office. Please note the timings as follows:

Monday to Saturday: 7.15am to 8.45am
Closed on Sunday

Registrations are recorded on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Please adhere to the following guidelines for your safety and those of your brothers and sisters.

(1) Each Booking admits maximum 5 Persons from the same household.

(2) Please be punctual

(3) Each slot is 30 mins (5 mins for entry procedure, 20 mins for private prayer, 5 mins for cleaning)

(4) Entry procedure (includes temperature, sanitising of hands, Safe Entry)

(5) Please be responsible and leave on time otherwise others will be deprived of their time.

(6) Please enter the Church via St Michael’s Road Big Gate.

(7) Please exit the Church via the Worship Hall Staircase leading to the Columbarium and exit at the 1st level. Proceed towards the small gate leading towards St Michael’s Road and press the Red button to open the small gate.

Visits to Columbarium

Register via email:

The Catechism says, “All who die in God’s grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven. The Church gives the name Purgatory to this final purification” (1030–1031).

Scripture tells us that our intercession helps them: Sacrifices were offered for the dead even though they may have sinned.”… so that the dead may be pardoned for their sin (2 Maccabees 12:46). In praying for the dead, there is a solidarity among members of God’s people, between the living and the dead.

Please register via email to the Parish Admin Office if you wish to visit the columbarium during the following times:

Saturdays: 1.30pm – 3.00pm

Sundays: 1.45pm – 4.00pm (updated opening hours as of 8 October 2020)

Children’s Liturgy

For Children 2 to 6 years old

Every Sunday at 11am EC via Zoom

For more information, please email:

For the next few months, the Children’s Liturgy will be on the following dates:

Sunday, 2 March

Sunday, 4 April

Sunday, 2 May

To register for CSM 11am Zoom EC, click

Prayers As a Parish Community @ CSM

Daily Prayer Timing


Prayer Binds Community Together

Daily- 8am, 12.30pm, 6pm

We invite you to join us. We will be praying the prayers of the Church, namely, Lauds, Midday and Vespers. This is one way we can stay connected with each other. The prayers are invariably 15 to 20 minutes long.

Register via URL:

Or email:

Intercessory Prayers via Zoom
Every Wednesday at 8pm
(Updated 28 Jan 2021)

Jesus promised: “If on earth two of you agree in asking for anything, it will be granted to you by my heavenly Father” (Matthew 18:19). One of the most powerful ways we can pray as intercessors is together with others.

Please register via the URL above or by email to the Parish Admin Office if you wish to join in the intercessory prayers:

Every Tuesday: 8pm

CSM Devotional Prayers

Devotional Prayers

Join Zoom Meeting

Join us every Friday @ 3pm for devotional prayers.

Meeting ID: 878 1254 7628
Password: 482960

Prayer is an important part of Catholic worship as it provides the opportunity to communicate with God. The Catholic Catechism states, Prayer is the raising of one’s heart and mind to God or the requesting of good things from God (Catholic Catechism 2259). 

You may wish to download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.


Columbarium monthly prayers

Columbarium Monthly Prayers

Every 3rd Sunday of the month,CSM Bethany Prayer Group gathers with the community on Zoom to Pray for the Dead.

Next Zoom session
21 February – 1pm

Join Zoom Gathering
Zoom password for February: CSM2102
(Note that there will be a new Zoom password for each monthly session)

Thereafter, the Zoom sessions will be on the following Sundays:

Month of March: 21 March
Month of April: 18 April
Month of May: 16 May

(above dates are subject to change, please check monthly for updates)

Prayer for the Dead

God our Father,
Your power brings us to birth,
Your providence guides our lives,
and by Your command we return to dust.

Lord, those who die still live in Your presence,
their lives change but do not end.
I pray in hope for my family,
relatives and friends,
and for all the dead known to You alone.

In company with Christ,
Who died and now lives,
may they rejoice in Your kingdom,
where all our tears are wiped away.
Unite us together again in one family,
to sing Your praise forever and ever.