Christmas EC timing

Christmas EC schedule

What is the Octave?

An octave is the eight-day period during which Easter or Christmas is celebrated, and includes the actual feast. The eighth day is also called the octave or “octave day,” and days in between are said to be “within the octave”:

Octave means an eight-day celebration, that is, the prolongation of a feast to the eighth day (dies octava) inclusive. The feast itself is considered the first day, and it is followed by six days called “days within the octave.” The eighth or octave day is kept with greater solemnity than the “days within the octave” (With Christ Through the Year, Bernard Strasser, 1947, p. 39).

Christmas has two solemnities, December 25, Christmas and January 1, Mary Mother of God. The days in-between are varying levels of feast days. The octave gives us time to impress upon our souls the mysteries, joys and graces of the principal feasts of the Church year.

Source: catholicculture.org

Thanksgiving amended

Thanksgiving EC


What is Theology (Instagram Post (Square))

What is Theology?
Date: Tuesday, 20, 27 Dec, 3 & 10 Jan
Time: 8pm
Venue: St Michael Room
(Level 2, Gilgal Wing)

Disciples Pathway

CSM Disciples Pathway
For CSM Parishioners Only


We may have on our own gone for several courses and retreats offered in the parish and in the Archdiocese. Do you know where all this is leading to? Would you like to take a pathway of faith and life?

If you are interested, please register to find out more.


Fr John Farewell

Fr John will be leaving us on
31 Dec 2022 & starting
his new ministry on 1 Jan 2023.

He will continue to bring hope
and the joy of God’s eternal love
to His children!

Seniors Club Gathering

Seniors Club

Dear seniors!
Remember the date,
Wednesday 28 December 2022
Time 9.30 am to 12 noon
Let us bring our smiles and stories to share!!
Please note.  We are taking a break in January 2023.
See you soon on 22 February 2023.
Line Dance 2023

Line Dance
(for Seniors and Beginners Only)

We are taking a break.
No line dancing from 23 Dec 2023

Classes will resume on Friday 3 February 2023
NEW TIMINGS Fridays 9.30 – 11am
Venue: St John Vianney
Teacher: Daisy Teo

Catholic News

Pick up a copy of the Catholic News
this weekend!

Recruit Catechists

We are Recruiting Catechists

Calling all Parents who have young children and those who are endowed in the teaching charism to come forward and serve the Lord.

Please email to csm.admin@catholic.org.sg

Catechism 2023

Registration for Catechism Class 2023

We would like to invite Parents with Children who were born in 2016 to register for Catechism Level 1.

Please do register here:-

Registration opens on 1 Nov 2022 and closes on 31 Dec 2022.

Gospel of Matthew (1)

Faith Sharing with Fr Sam for seniors

Ongoing seniors’ faith sharing with Fr Sam will be taking a break.

It will resume on Wednesday, 1 February 2023.

Infant Baptism

Let us continue to pray for our new members of our family.
May the Good Lord bless them and their families!

A new parking space

New Parking Space
for Bicycles

Cyclists can now park your bicycle
at the slope leading to the small gate.

Elisha's Spring Opening Hours (1)

Eisha’s Spring
Mondays to Sundays
7am to 7pm

Our columbarium is now open daily from 7am to 7pm.

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Our electricity bills incurred for the columbarium is more than $5,000 every month. In the long run this is not sustainable.

We seek your understanding and cooperation to switch on the lights when you arrive and switch them off when you leave so that we can save on these expenses.

Thank you for your assistance.

Adoration Room

Adoration Room
Mondays to Sundays
7am to 9.30pm

Our Adoration Room is now open daily from 7am to 9.30pm.

Wardens Recruitment

Join us as Wardens

When we extend hospitality to others, we’re not trying to impress people, we’re trying to reflect God to them. As we serve our Lord, we may meet someone who really needs a friend…and we can fill that need. Maybe we can make an eternal difference in the person’s life, just because we choose to be friendly and helpful.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Lectors recruitment with email

Lectors Recruitment

Ministry of Lectors is recruiting new members to proclaim the Word of God. If you have a willing heart and a desire to serve the Lord, come join us to be instruments of God and proclaim your faith through HIS Word.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Trained Special Needs Catechists 02

We are in need of
Trained Special Needs Catechists

Pope Francis has called the Catholic Church to be a welcoming Church. As we welcome our students into our religious education classes, it’s important that we see each one as a child of God with special talents and special gifts; remember that you are seeing the face of Jesus. Teaching religious education is a splendid opportunity to share your love of God and the Catholic Church with your students.

Call Jaq Ho 9154 7955

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Chinese Legion of Mary 01
Legion of Mary
The Legion of Mary invites youths below 18 years old who are interested in praying together and serving the church in its various spiritual activities.  Join the Legion of Mary to have an enriched spiritual and prayer life and discover what God has in store for you!
Email Parish Admin Office

CVA 05

Coro di Velli Angeli Choir
welcomes you!

Contact Kaivan @9169 9385

Ephrem Music Ministry 01

Recruitment of Musicians
Ephrem Music Ministry

Calling all musicians with a willing heart to serve to come forward to join Ephrem Music Ministry.

Contact: Maryanne (9771 5995) or the Parish Admin Office.


Jln Tenteram2

Building Community at Tenteram

A teatime gathering was organised on Sunday 4 September, 4pm at the pavilion next to Blk 117 Jalan Tenteram, for many Catholics and parishioners of the Church of St. Michael living in the vicinity to meet one another. Seven families from the area, plus another 12 from the Jalan Bahagia area turned up!

Read more at https://stmichael.catholic.sg/featured-story/building-community-at-tentaram

Our CNC members went around the neighbourhood to distribute the feast day invitation cards so that our fellow neighbours could join us in our celebrations.

Around Our Archdiocese


GIFT Contributions

Next weekend, it being the 3rd weekend of the month, there will be an additional collection to receive your monthly pledges to Catholic Foundation’s GIFT programme.  GIFT (Giving in Faith and Thankfulness) is a regular giving campaign to fund the archdiocese’s organisations involved in youth, evangelisation, catechesis, formation etc. and building projects. Please bring your contributions or GIFT envelopes to drop into the collection bags. Alternatively, visit catholicfoundation.sg to donate online or find out more.

Social Media 2 - Annex C

Back to School Fun With Your Family

Organized by Catholic Family Life

Monday, 2nd January 2023, 2 – 4pm @ Fish@AMK (The Grassroots Club)

Back To School fun with your family!

The brand new year is approaching and before we enter into hustling mode again, let’s take some time to bond with our family and energize ourselves for the year ahead. Join us at Catholic Family Life’s family bonding event, with big head prawning, Long Kang fishing for kids, free ice cream, live music and more!


Find out more at: bit.ly/BTS_Prawning

A3_Vocation seminar (29.7 × 42 cm)

Vocation Seminar for young single women 17 to 28 years of age


“What does God want from me?” 
Vocation Seminar for young single women 17-28 years of age
Join us for an afternoon to learn more about consecrated life and vocation discernment with time for personal prayer. Tea will be provided. This seminar will be led by Sr. Sandra Seow, FMVD.
Date: 4th February 2023, Saturday
Time: 2 to 6 pm
Place: Verbum Dei House, 4 Sommerville Road, Singapore 358228
Register by 28th January 2023
Email verbumdeispore@yahoo.com.sg to register.


Youthline is an integrated youth service that provides a listening ear and free counselling support for anyone up to 35 years old, regardless of race or religion.

Youthline handled over 175 cases in the first 7 days of its launch on 10th November. Since then, the average daily volume has doubled. There is an urgent need for much more resources, space and professional staff to meet the rapidly growing demand for their services. They are looking to raise $5 million to fund a larger space and more staff to serve the thousands of young people they expect in the coming year.

Your generous support will make a big difference in providing the resources necessary to meet the demand for such a service among many young people in Singapore.

For more information or enquiries, please email or reach out to contact@youthline.sg

Thank you very much for your generosity.

Banns of Ordination CHN_BNN_2022_003 (1).pdf

Banns of Ordination
Please click the image above to view the Banns

Advent to Christmas Reflection Booklet (Instagram Facebook Post (Square))

The Word Anew Amongst Us

Advent to Christmas Reflection Booklet – 2022 – 2023 (Year A)


Make this Advent season a time of deep reflection. Download the Advent to Christmas Reflection Booklet today, and gather with family and friends as we prepare to receive the wonderful “Gift” of our Father.


CPS Lunchtime mass

CPS Lunchtime Mass

The Catholic Prayer Society invites all to lunchtime mass at these locations:

Every Wednesday, 12.15pm: 

TPI building level 6, 62 Cecil Street

Every Friday, 12.15pm:

  1. Medical Alumni Association, 2 College Road, Level 1 Theatrette
  2. One Raffles Quay, level 49 North Tower (starting 14 Oct 22)

More details at: www.cps.org.sg

Catholic Family Life Volunteer Recruitment

Catholic Family Life: Volunteer Recruitment
(Administrative and Reception Support at Counselling Centre)

A Heart to Serve – Catholic Family Life (CFL) is calling out for volunteers!
If you have a desire/calling to make a difference and contribute your God-given gifts and talents. Join CFL in volunteering your time by empowering, enriching the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters. “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa
Get in touch with Catholic Family Life to find out more, contact us at 64880278 or email michelle@catholicfamilylife.sg. If you are interested to volunteer with us, do fill up the volunteer form: https://bit.ly/CFL-volunteer-form and we will get in touch with you.

Youthline – Call for Volunteers

Youthline is launching a dedicated helpline and counselling service for young people up to 35 years of age. Help us make a difference by volunteering today!

You can look forward to:
● Free training and skills development
● Joining our awesome community
● Making a real impact

● Helpline Volunteer
● Pro-bono Counsellor or Para-Counsellor
● Youth Hero

Please visit https://youthline.sg to sign up now.

Migrant Helpline

UGAT-ACMI Free Counseling Services

UGAT’s SGot Kita, Kabayan Helpline are available for (Filipino) migrants in Singapore.

SGot Kita, Kabayan is a designated free online helpline developed specifically for migrants in Singapore.

UGAT has counsellors who speak various languages and dialects in the Philippines, such as Tagalog, Cebuano, Bicolano, Bisaya, and Hiligaynon, for those clients who are more comfortable sharing in their own language.

The helpline service is open on Monday – Sunday, 9pm – 12am.

Be Kind to your Mental Health

Counselling and Psychological Services
By Clarity Singapore

Clarity Singapore, a member organisation of Caritas Singapore, focuses on responding to mental health needs through community-based mental healthcare services and social integration programmes. We offer professional counselling and psychological services to help individuals in learning to cope with their situations in more adaptive ways.

Learn more: https://www.clarity-singapore.org


Para-Counselling Service
By Catholic Family Life

Need someone to journey with you through the stages and challenges of life? Trained Para-Counsellors are available via Zoom.

Please call 66318963 (Mon – Fri 12pm to 4pm)

Email paracounselling-info@familylife.sg or

Visit https://cpc.familylife.sg/ to book your session.