Change in Sunday EC Timing
11.15am EC will begin at 11.30am
Effective 4 June 2023
Holy Hour
Fri 7 July 2023
Venue: Bethel


Family Session
     Catechism together as a family by Fr Terence
Sat 22 July
9 – 10 am

Intro to Scripture
3, 17, 24 & 31 July
St Michael Room

Register: tinyurl.com/CSMIntrotoScriptureJul

Free Will/ God’s Will

12, 21, 26 July
(please note change in date to 21 July
for the second session)

     Time: 8.30pm @ St Michael Room

Ministry Formation

1 July 2023, Saturday
     8pm, Bethel
For all ministry members who serve in CSM


Acts of the Apostles
12, 15, 19 & 26 June
St Michael Room

Scripture Study with Br. Andre

Disciples Pathway

CSM Disciples Pathway
For CSM Parishioners Only


We may have on our own gone for several courses and retreats offered in the parish and in the Archdiocese. Do you know where all this is leading to? Would you like to take a pathway of faith and life?

If you are interested, please register to find out more.


Browse our selection of library books at CSM
with our NEW CSM Library App!

Here’s how to Get Started!

Step 1: Download the App –
Bookshelf-Your Virtual Library
(Available on both App Store and Google Play)

Step 2: Click on the link below


Step 3: Click to Explore the CSM Shared Shelf of over 700 books

Step 4: Interested to borrow a book?
Send an email to csmtrove@gmail.com

or come meet us at our mobile CSM Library
(by the religious stall) on Sundays after 9.30am EC.

Peter’s Pence – 1 & 2 July
Peter’s Pence is the name given to the financial support offered by the faithful to the Holy Father as a sign of their sharing in the concern of the Successor of Peter for the many different needs of the Universal Church and for the relief of those most in need.
1 & 2 July EC collections will be set aside for Peter’s Pence.

Donation to the Poor
Thank you for your generosity!

Our parish provides help to the poor and under-privileged in our neighbourhood. Help us reach out to them and see hope in humanity, and faith in God.

Click here to donate

Seniors’ Gathering

  Dear Seniors! Remember the date
     Wed: 28 June 2023
     Time: 9.30am to 12 noon
     Let us bring our smiles and stories to share!!

Petals Workshop
Saturday 1 July
11am to 1pm
Venue: to be confirmed

Sign-up details to follow.
Please note that for safety reasons, children who sign up should be accompanied by a parents or guardian

Love offerings appreciated.

Our priests will be away for the annual Priests’ Retreat from 3 to 7 July 2023.
Please keep them in your prayer.


8 July after Saturday 5.30pm EC.
Join us for some fun and relaxing activities for the family

Check out photos of our previous Chillax


Ephrem Music Ministry Open House

9 July 2023, Sunday

11am to 12.30pm
Come join us for a time of singing and music jamming

Check out the latest photos
on CSM Flickr Albums

See how our young 11-year-olds help out at a SSVP FIN Event; Check out the Big Wash at St Michael Patio as well as the sumptuous breakfast that Zeni’zo prepares for the parishioners; What are our fellow parishioners up to at our first First Aid & AED Course?

Click here to view CSM Flickr Albums

Policies of the Church of St. Michael
We have been working to collate the various policies that have been in existence in the parish. At this stage of finalising the policies of the parish, we would like you to review them and give us your comments. We will be putting out the policies in manageable segments.

You may send your feedback to csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg with the subject heading:

CSM Policies – Feedback

Get your CSM T-shirts

CSM t-shirts are available at our Religious Stall.
Opening Hours on Sundays only.
8.45am to 9.30am; 10.45am to 11.30am
Each t-shirt costs $34 only.

@ St Michael’s Patio
Sundays after 9.30am EC

The word, “Xenizo” means “To be received hospitably as an honoured guest,” and that is the name our hospitality ministry has taken. Come and partake of breakfast made with loving hands, at St. Michael’s Patio every Sunday after the 9.30am Eucharistic Celebration. Mingle, fellowship, make a new friend, chat, welcome someone new.

Driving to Church?

If you are attending the Eucharistic Celebration and are driving, we urge you to turn into St. Francis Road and then turn left into Jalan Semerbak and then enter the Church. This is to facilitate a better traffic flow.

Welcome Bro. Andre!

Bro. Andre is in his final year of formation at the Seminary and will be attached to CSM on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for the following months. Let us welcome him warmly to our CSM family.

Infant Baptism 2023

When should we begin
to prepare for baptism?

It is never too early. During the pregnancy, families should contact the Parish Admin Office to sign up for the Infant Baptism Preparation Programme.

There are 5 formation and preparatory sessions before the Rites of Baptism in the following months:

July 2023

October 2023

For more information:

Go to Infant Baptism Page

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Line Dance 2023

Line Dance
(for Seniors and Beginners Only)

Fridays 9.30 – 11.00am
Venue: St John Vianney
Teacher: Daisy Teo

Faith sharing 2

Faith Sharing with Fr Sam
10am to 11.30am
St Basil Room

Please note that sessions are now not only for seniors but anyone interested to know more about the Word of God are welcomed as well.
Elisha's Spring Opening Hours (1)

Elisha’s Spring
Mondays to Sundays
7am to 7pm

Monthly Prayers for the Departed
Every 3rd Sunday of the month
Venue: Elisha’s Spring

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Our electricity bills incurred for the columbarium is more than $5,000 every month. In the long run this is not sustainable.

We seek your understanding and cooperation to switch on the lights when you arrive and switch them off when you leave so that we can save on these expenses.

Thank you for your assistance.

Adoration Room

Adoration Room
Mondays to Sundays
7am to 9.30pm

Our Adoration Room is now open daily from 7am to 9.30pm.

Ministry Recruitment

Comms Ministry Recruitment

Comms Ministry And You!

Have you felt the stirring in your heart to bring the Good News to all through your creativity?

From photography to digital art, canva posters to Instagram reels, multimedia videos to podcasts, reflections to reviews, we need you! Come talk to us.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Wardens Recruitment

Join us as Wardens

When we extend hospitality to others, we’re not trying to impress people, we’re trying to reflect God to them. As we serve our Lord, we may meet someone who really needs a friend…and we can fill that need. Maybe we can make an eternal difference in the person’s life, just because we choose to be friendly and helpful.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Recruit Catechists

We are Recruiting Catechists

Calling all Parents who have young children and those who are endowed in the teaching charism to come forward and serve the Lord.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Trained Special Needs Catechists 02

We are in need of
Trained Special Needs Catechists

Pope Francis has called the Catholic Church to be a welcoming Church. As we welcome our students into our religious education classes, it’s important that we see each one as a child of God with special talents and special gifts; remember that you are seeing the face of Jesus. Teaching religious education is a splendid opportunity to share your love of God and the Catholic Church with your students.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Recruitment of Musicians
Ephrem Music Ministry

Calling all musicians with a willing heart to serve to come forward to join Ephrem Music Ministry.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Lectors recruitment with email

Lectors Recruitment

Ministry of Lectors is recruiting new members to proclaim the Word of God. If you have a willing heart and a desire to serve the Lord, come join us to be instruments of God and proclaim your faith through HIS Word.

Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Ministry of Comfort

The Ministry of Comfort brings the Eucharist to the homebound.
Interested to learn more about this ministry and how you can help, Email: csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg

Chinese Legion of Mary 01
Legion of Mary
The Legion of Mary invites youths below 18 years old who are interested in praying together and serving the church in its various spiritual activities.  Join the Legion of Mary to have an enriched spiritual and prayer life and discover what God has in store for you!
Email Parish Admin Office

Coro di Velli Angeli Choir
welcomes you!


Happy Easter
to your neighbourhood workers

Parishioners Monika Pereira and Cecilia Lee hosted a nasi bryani lunch for migrant workers, to share our Easter Joy with the those in our neighbourhood.

Outreach Project
Sunday 26 March 2023
Altar Boys & EMHC

Neighbourhood Outreach2

Neighbourhood Visits

Our CSM Community visited our surrounding neighbourhoods, going door-to-door to reach out to our fellow Catholics as well as to invite everyone we met to visit our Parish. Our Christmas Celebrations saw several of our neighbours dropping by to enjoy our barbecue and other activities.

Here are more photos of our outreach volunteers:

Thank you for your hard work

Our grateful thanks
to our neighbourhood cleaners!

On Saturday, 21 January, the eve of Chinese New Year, our CSM Community reached out to our cleaners with chicken nasi bryani, drinks and some tokens of appreciation for all their hard work in the neighbourhood. They were from the neighbourhoods of Jalan Rajah, Jalan Tenteram and St George’s.

May God continue to bless them in the coming year with His graces, good health, and happiness.

Here are a few photos with our outreach volunteers.

Outreach volunteers

Around Our Archdiocese

Jesus Encounter Retreat
29 Jun – 2 July
4-day stay-in retreat
by Vincent Lee & CSC retreat team

To register: Scan QR Code in Image above

Catholic Social Teaching:
Versatile Tools by Fr David Garcia, OP
(Virtual Edition over Zoom)

What does it mean when the Church says work has dignity? Why is it a problem when managers micromanage their staff? Why do persons with and without intellectual disabilities have equal dignity? What is the problem with both capitalism and communism? What is our duty to the poor and the environment? Why does the Church prefer democracy? What does the Church have to say about world peace?

Jesus challenges us in the gospel to interpret the signs of the times. Come and turn to the Church’s social teachings so we can obtain the tools to think about today’s social issues!

To register, please fill up this form: https://forms.office.com/r/nGUgwMqvZa

For enquiries, please email Caritas Singapore at mpmc@caritas-singapore.org

Note: The physical edition of the course will take place in November.

Catholyst Conference 2023
14 July (Fri) 7.30pm to 10pm
15 July (Sat) 9am to 5pm

Venue: SFX Seminary Building
618 Upper Bukit Timah Road
S. 678214

– Everything, Everywhere, All In Christ
Organised by the Office for the New Evangelisation, the Catholyst Conference seeks to inspire the lay faithful on our role in this world as a Catholic-Holy-Saint!

Looking for Jesus in the right places
In our search to grow closer to Jesus, we might be tempted to think that He can only be found in church. Yet Christ is present to us in both the church and in the world; in our family life and daily occupations; in our times of rest and in our times of labour. Yes, Christ is present in EVERYTHING we do and EVERYWHERE we go because all of life (even outside of church!) is found ALL IN CHRIST.

This July, join us to learn how we can live wholly, holy for Christ.

Registration Fee: Individual – S$25
Bring-a-Friend Promotion – S$40 for two tickets!

Registration closes 30th June 2023.

Register at www.catholyst.com

Individual Guided Retreat
29 Jun – 2 July 2023

Venue: Montfort Centre, 624 Upper Bukit Timah Road

God resides in us more than anywhere else, in our hearts we must seek Him. It is there God reveals himself. Come away to a quiet place, sit with the Lord in this silent Individual Guided Retreat and be accompanied tenderly in the Montfortian Way.

Click here to register.

A Day in the Life of a Seminarian

Teaser Video: Catch the full-length feature film premiering on Vocation Sunday on the Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore’s Official YouTube Channel.

Welcoming Home Catholics Seeking A Reconnection
4 Sept to 14 Nov 2023

Landings Singapore presents a new 10 week programme for Catholics seeking a reconnection to the faith. It runs from 4 September 2023 through 14 November 2023, every Monday or Tuesday from 8pm to 10.00pm. All sessions will be held in person at Church of the Holy Spirit or Church of Queen of Peace. We invite you to register your interest or to find out more using the QR code in the poster. For more information on Landings, please email returning@landings.org.sg or visit www.landings.org.sg

Verbum Dei Family Camp
1 to 3 Sept 2023

Come away to Malaysia with your kids to the Verbum Dei Family Camp from 1-3 September 2023! Hear from fellow Catholic parents about their life experiences on how to grow closer to God as a family. Kids Programme for ages 3 – 12 provided. For enquiries and registration please email VDeifamilies@gmail.com • Mobile 96890919 • www.verbumdeisingapore.org/

Life Without Strife: Choosing what is truly important

By Caritas Young Adults

As young adults living in a busy and competitive society, we are constantly flooded with multiple responsibilities and concerns like work, family, friends, church, volunteering, etc. How should we prioritise? How can we fulfil all our responsibilities?


Come and join us in person at CANA for a discussion with like-minded young adults on this challenge and how we can manage it. There will also be a brief overview of Catholic Social Teaching to aid the discussions.


To register, please visit https://forms.office.com/r/eKyRmQdN9r

For enquiries, please email Caritas Singapore at mpmc@caritas-singapore.org

Lead Like Jesus
1 & 8 July 2023
Time: 9am to 5.30pm

Venue: Catholic Theological Institute
of Singapore (CTIS)

A self leadership foundational training course for all Catholic leaders, based on the servant leadership modelled by Jesus Christ. In the 2 sessions, we will explore the 4 domains of leading like Jesus: the heart, head, hands and habits.

1 & 8 July 2023, 9am – 5.30pm at Catholic Theological Institute Of Singapore (CTIS).  $180/- per pax inclusive of GST, lunch & workbook.  Go to www.catholicleader.sg to register or find out more.

Banns of Ordination
Deacon Andrew Lin Hanling
Deacon Shaun Lim Tze Ee

Please click above image to view the Banns of Ordination of Andrew Lin Hanling and Deacon Shaun Lim Tze Ee who will be called to the Order of Presbyterate.

Online resources
for Catholic parents

A great resource for parents preparing for their children’s baptism as well as parents of children attending catechism classes.

Foundations of Catholic Parenting
Bonding with Our Children
Sexuality Education
Managing Social Media and screen time
Forming our children in the faith and virtues, and more to come.


Abilities Beyond Limitations
and Expectations

ABLE is about helping persons with acquired physical conditions such as stroke and traumatic brain injury, and their family caregivers. Please view the video as they are raising awareness of ABLE as well as engaging in fundraising and looking for volunteers too.

Link to videos on ABLE (Click here)

For more information about ABLE, please visit https://able-sg.org.

Check out the
ONE Calendar of Events 2023!

Click Poster to see the upcoming Events!

The Catholic Hub

Watch the video to learn more about the Catholic Hub


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Our Archdiocese has been working to build a more vibrant, evangelising and missionary Church. In sharing the Good News, we are bringing the hope and love of Christ to vast numbers of people.

Within our Church today, however, there are currently no premises large enough for our organisations and communities to hold their activities on a large scale. After much study, we concluded that the Church’s largest freehold site at 49 Upper Thomson Road could optimally be used to house major Archdiocesan organisations, a convention centre with overnight retreat facilities, a home for senior clergy – and more – for the long-term needs of the Church.

Beyond physical infrastructure, such a Catholic Hub can bring about a greater depth of communion. The facilities and organisations located there will enable collaboration for a more effective witnessing of the Gospel to the people of Singapore and reap economies of scale.

Read more…https://www.catholicfoundation.sg/the-catholic-hub/



Youthline is an integrated youth service that provides a listening ear and free counselling support for anyone up to 35 years old, regardless of race or religion.

Youthline handled over 175 cases in the first 7 days of its launch on 10th November. Since then, the average daily volume has doubled. There is an urgent need for much more resources, space and professional staff to meet the rapidly growing demand for their services. They are looking to raise $5 million to fund a larger space and more staff to serve the thousands of young people they expect in the coming year.

Your generous support will make a big difference in providing the resources necessary to meet the demand for such a service among many young people in Singapore.

For more information or enquiries, please email or reach out to contact@youthline.sg

Thank you very much for your generosity.

CPS Lunchtime mass

CPS Lunchtime Mass

The Catholic Prayer Society invites all to lunchtime mass at these locations:

Every Wednesday, 12.15pm: 

TPI building level 6, 62 Cecil Street

Every Friday, 12.15pm:

  1. Medical Alumni Association, 2 College Road, Level 1 Theatrette
  2. One Raffles Quay, level 49 North Tower (starting 14 Oct 22)

More details at: www.cps.org.sg

Catholic Family Life Volunteer Recruitment

Catholic Family Life: Volunteer Recruitment
(Administrative and Reception Support at Counselling Centre)

A Heart to Serve – Catholic Family Life (CFL) is calling out for volunteers!
If you have a desire/calling to make a difference and contribute your God-given gifts and talents. Join CFL in volunteering your time by empowering, enriching the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters. “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa
Get in touch with Catholic Family Life to find out more, contact us at 64880278 or email michelle@catholicfamilylife.sg. If you are interested to volunteer with us, do fill up the volunteer form: https://bit.ly/CFL-volunteer-form and we will get in touch with you.

Youthline – Call for Volunteers

Youthline is launching a dedicated helpline and counselling service for young people up to 35 years of age. Help us make a difference by volunteering today!

You can look forward to:
● Free training and skills development
● Joining our awesome community
● Making a real impact

● Helpline Volunteer
● Pro-bono Counsellor or Para-Counsellor
● Youth Hero

Please visit https://youthline.sg to sign up now.

Migrant Helpline

UGAT-ACMI Free Counseling Services

UGAT’s SGot Kita, Kabayan Helpline are available for (Filipino) migrants in Singapore.

SGot Kita, Kabayan is a designated free online helpline developed specifically for migrants in Singapore.

UGAT has counsellors who speak various languages and dialects in the Philippines, such as Tagalog, Cebuano, Bicolano, Bisaya, and Hiligaynon, for those clients who are more comfortable sharing in their own language.

The helpline service is open on Monday – Sunday, 9pm – 12am.

Be Kind to your Mental Health

Counselling and Psychological Services
By Clarity Singapore

Clarity Singapore, a member organisation of Caritas Singapore, focuses on responding to mental health needs through community-based mental healthcare services and social integration programmes. We offer professional counselling and psychological services to help individuals in learning to cope with their situations in more adaptive ways.

Learn more: https://www.clarity-singapore.org


Para-Counselling Service
By Catholic Family Life

Need someone to journey with you through the stages and challenges of life? Trained Para-Counsellors are available via Zoom.

Please call 66318963 (Mon – Fri 12pm to 4pm)

Email paracounselling-info@familylife.sg or

Visit https://cpc.familylife.sg/ to book your session.