Christmas Octave Day 5- 29 Dec (Sat), time: 7 pm

Christmas Octave Day 6- 30 Dec (Sun), time: 11.30am

Thanksgiving Mass- 31 Dec

(Note: No Eucharistic Celebration at 6pm)

7.30pm- Makan

8.30pm- Praise and Worship

10.45pm- Eucharist Celebration (EC)

After EC: Happy New Year & the Party Begins!

New Year’s Day (Christmas Octave Day 8) − 1 Jan, Tues

Time: 7.30am onwards (Rosary Procession before the Eucharistic Celebration, followed by breakfast and Octave activities)

Holy Hour and Eucharistic Celebration− 4 Jan, Fri

Time: 7.30pm t0 9.30pm

Primary 1 Catechism Registration- 5 to 6 Jan

Time: Saturdays: 4.30pm to 7pm AND Sundays: 9.30am to 12noon