St. Michael’s Feast Day Celebrations

Theme: Prophetic People
3-days Triduum- 25 to 27 Sep (wed to Fri)Time: 7.30pm to 10pm

Speaker: Fr. Simon Pereira, CSSR Day 1 – Know the Word
Day 2 – Live the Word
Day 3 – Speak the Word
*There will be fellowship every night *Light refreshments will be provided.

29 Sep 2019, Sun
Eucharistic Celebration at 10am
Main Celebrant: Fr. Gerard Louis, CSSR
All are welcome
St. Michael’s Feast Day Fair
Date: 29 Sep, Sun
Time: 9am to 2pm
Let us celebrate our Feast Day by showcasing and sharing the talents and gifts given by God our Father.

St. Michael’s Feast Day Dinner

Date: 29 Sep, Sun
Time:7pm to 10pm
Register online at:

Feast Day Celebrations Artwork
Calling for children to submit a piece of artwork related to our patron saint, St. Michael, or our Church. This can be in the form of a drawing or a piece of craftwork. Deadline for submission is 22 Sep, Sun to the admin office.