Primary 1 Catechism Registration- 22 to 23 Dec

Time: Saturdays: 4.30pm to 7pm AND Sundays: 9.30am to 12noon

Venue: Booth at Ground Floor

Seniors’ Christmas Hi-Tea- 29 Dec

Time: 3 to 5pm         Venue: The Foyer

Register at the ground floor booth after the weekend Eucharistic Celebration!

Advent Reflections at CSM- 3 – 23 Dec

Time: 7pm  Venue: Canteen

Christmas Eve: Eucharistic Celebration- 24 Dec

Time: Midnight (E)

Christmas Day: Eucharistic Celebration- 25 Dec

Time: 8am (Mandarin)

Time: 10am & 5.30pm (English)