During the past few weeks and days I have not been able to sleep well as I was worrying about my CT Scan today and Blood tests for my Lung Cancer. I know I should stay positive for the sake of my family and loved ones, but having Cancer now for the 5th time, it does not get any easier.

I have missed attending JB Prayer Group and some Sunday Masses because I was hurting inside and did not want people to see me in this state.

On Sunday 3pm I attended the Healing Mass and found myself in tears which I tried so hard to hide. The words that Fr Augustine spoke felt like Angels were with me and the Holy Spirit said to me All is Well… God is with you. This is me who wrote the Book Grown Men Don’t Cry and here I was in tears…

Fr Terence prayed over me for an extended time and I felt the power of God working through him, and as he annointed me I felt a glow in my Body, the unbelievable feeling of Jesus.

So today (Monday 18th Feb) I had no fear going to the Hospital (TTSH) by myself (Karen had to teach my 12noon English lesson) as I had given up my fear and accepted the grace of God. All went well and I got home ok (even though I took the wrong bus home, then had to walk from Boon Keng to Whampoa). I was so tired I could not do my teaching (Business English) in the evening, my beloved wife Karen again took over for today.

The power of the Lord is so amazing along with so many people praying for me. I feel so blessed and will continue to pray for others in need.

By Mike Roberts