Mothers hold their children’s hearts for a lifetime

“Mummy can you keep quiet”, “Mummy I need money”, “Mummy I need help”. How many times do we recall ourselves saying all these to our mothers? And how many times do we recall ourselves being truly grateful for their presence in our lives?

Well, I guess many of us tend to forget the difference they make in our lives.

I remember myself staring at the Thirteenth Station of the Cross for several minutes during the Repentance Experience.

Her child. Her very own flesh and blood ripped into shreds. His body was bruised from head to toe. Mary had witnessed all this with her very own eyes and now her most vulnerable child was lying feebly in her embrace. The amount of agony she must have felt…

God has not only given Mary the strength to endure all affliction, but also the gentleness to provide comfort to her loved ones. I believe God has blessed every single one of us with an amazing mother. A mother filled with tenderness, yet strong enough to carry the weight of the world. A mother filled with love, yet firm enough to protect her family. A mother who faces many challenges but despite it all, has chosen to give her best to her family.

Many times, we fail to stop and turn behind to acknowledge the people who have been supporting us ceaselessly. Many times, we fail to see the sacrifices our mothers have made for us and the silent tears they shed behind closed doors, unknown to the eyes of many.

We do not know when would be the last day of our lives. It could be tomorrow, it could be two days later or it could be five years down the road.

It is time we start to do something about our negligence.

When we were young, our mothers helped us tie our shoelaces, held our hands when we walked unsteadily, and fed us. Now, as they become old and start to fall behind our pace of life, remember to turn behind, hold their hands, and walk alongside them.

And to all mothers out there: You are a real hero

By Rebecca Tan