Living in Jesus my Home: A Letter

Jesus, you are my home. As I am writing this letter to you, I have the song “home” by Kit Chan playing on my playlist.

Jesus, you are my home and it’s “where I know I must be” and being with you is my dream. I know you’ll always be waiting for me at the doors of heaven and no matter how far I have strayed, you will keep looking out for me to return and when I do, you’ll open your arms for me to just jump into your loving embrace and you will say, “Welcome home, my child,” to me without any accusation nor reproach. When I am finally home, the river of love, graces, mercy, forgiveness and happiness flows from you into me.

Jesus, with you I know I am never alone, because, you will never leave me, nor will you ever desert me. You will always be in front of me to lead and guide the way, behind me to catch me when I fall,

over me to protect me from any harm, beside me to hold my hand when I am afraid.

Jesus, like the story of the footprints in the sand, when I am at my lowest and saddest, I only see one pair of foot print and think that those footprints are mine and that you have left me to fight my own battles. But you never left me and instead carried me.

I fell and was just too tired to stand up again to keep moving so you put me in your arms and fought my battles for me. Not only were you there for me when I fell but you took it upon yourself and bore my burdens on your shoulders voluntarily without complaint, without ever getting angry that I was blind and self-centred that I could not even see you. Jesus, You never ever fail to show me that there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel. That my suffering eventually ends.

With you, nothing is impossible and that there is always a way out. All I need to do is to trust you with my whole heart. When I do that, you would never let me get hurt because I am your beloved child. Someone you love so much that you would never give up despite the rocky road you have to walk with me and the cross you have to carry because of me.

You provide me with a home and not a house. You go an extra mile to give me something filled with love and not just merely a building. You fill this building with memories. You put in meaning to this building to make it mean more than it will ever when compared to it just being a building. You give me a reason to want to always go back because when I am home, I am filled and complete.

My journey with you, Jesus, has just begun. My road to reaching back home to you, has just started.

Everyday, you will be there for me telling me, “I will stop at nothing to make sure I will never lose you. Because you are just too precious to me. For you, my daughter, is wonderfully and beautifully made.”

My Jesus, for all you have done for me, for all you have blessed me with, for all the days when you reminded me how important and of worth I am to you, for the times you never gave up on me even when I gave up on you, for all the roads we have walked together, for always choosing me first, for telling me not to listen to the lies of the world but to claim the truth you tell me, you are my everything. Today, tomorrow and forever will be.

By Joey Inez Isabelle Lee, 17