This Sunday’s readings challenge us to live courageously according to the values of God – which often go against those of the world.

The first reading provides a perfect example of attempts to live holy lives in a world that does not understand us at all.  It calls us to

examine how we live our lives for Christ even in the midst of ridicule, humiliation or persecution.

Drawing from the inspiration from the seven brothers and their mother, we are to truly live our whole lives for Christ. Our Christian values are becoming harder to live by as the world is increasingly accusatory through the social media.

The present-day Christians are facing similar challenges as that of the Thessalonians many years ago. Paul’s encouragement to the Thessalonians is

a call to us to persevere in the faith and rely on God’s grace to sustain us even as his message sustained them with the evil that surrounded them.

Finally, the Gospel calls us to reflect on our motivations to live out our holy lives. In the face of world values that are counter and even challenging to our faith, do we give up easily to the ways of the world or do we continue to lean onto God and surrender?

Can we stand firm and confident in witnessing to the faith that is passed on to us?

By Ministry of Lectors