In today’s Gospel, St Luke recounts how our Lord Jesus Christ, who from the cross, the glorious throne through which He offered Himself as an eternal sacrifice to redeem humanity, has shown us that His Mercy knows no bounds.  Jesus, mocked by the Jews, and by the bad thief, who hardens his heart, blasphemes Jesus.  The other thief, a criminal himself, who humbly directs himself to our Lord, defends and consoles our Lord.


Jesus, the King of the Universe, is determined to reign in each of us even though we are recalcitrant sinners.

When have we, by word or action, declared that God is our King?  Jesus laid down His life for us: do we as Christians set this as a constant reminder and strive to live the life of Jesus, or do we identify ourselves with the world, ignoring His invitation to follow Him?


Jesus, in doing His Father’s will and His love for us, has come to be among us to be involved in our situations. Let no one despair, for God our Father, as we have seen many times in the Gospels, is resolved to wait for us with His arms wide open, ready to forgive us.


Let us direct ourselves to our Lord, who is knocking at the door of our hearts and soul, be ready and open to receive and respond to His call.


By Milly Tan