The temple of God that is in us, God is in us! How amazing the thought!

Many of us claim to be busy and we have no time for God. The Holy Spirit resides in our innermost being!

Try this… Find a quiet place, be still, remove your distractions, pray for God’s grace to open your heart and your senses, then in the stillness, become aware of our Lord in your heart and mind. In the silence, feel His presence not only inside of you but in the space, the surroundings. As you soak in God’s presence, be open and take delight in His peace and His abundant love for you.

God’s presence is shaped by love, not fear. God’s Spirit gives us the hope to overcome anxiety and the concerns of the world. You have often heard this – “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (Jn 14: 27). How comforting to know that we can find peace in Him in our anxious times. His comfort and strength will also pull us through the challenging moments.

In our struggles, we tend to lose our bearings, in what has been familiar, and we try to regain control of our lives. Where is God in all of this? Do we lose sight of God’s plan? Transitions can close us in if we focus on how to save the old ways or the old self. We should try to find God in all things and challenge ourselves to consider the greatness of our God. Can I let God be God and trust that He is present even in the chaos and confusion?


How do we witness Him to others? Do you know that making the sign of the Cross is one simple yet powerful way for us as Catholics? Making the sign of the Cross is a prayer of surrender to our Father, and a recognition that we belong to Him. Let us be courageous then, with Christ dwelling in us, to be His love witnesses to others.


May God’s Holy Spirit be with you. Be at peace.


Written by Angelina Choo