Advent means “the coming”. Advent for Christians is a season of anticipated joy. The antiphon of the third Sunday of Advent begins with the word,  “Gaudete” which means  rejoice! We rejoice as we have been seriously preparing for the Lord’s coming; not as a baby once again in Bethlehem but as the Christ, the Messiah who had risen from the dead.

Joy is the consequence of hope.

Hope enables us to go beyond our limitations. Just think of the climber who is caught in a crevice on the mountain slope. He is hanging on for dear life while the frosty cold is biting into him. He hangs on because he has the hope that someone will be coming to rescue him. He dies when his body caves in or when he gives up hope.

Deep joy comes from hope that is pure and real. Our Father offers us this hope and this joy. It is ours to lose through the distractions that come into our lives.

Let us stay awake even though it may be tiring. Let us cling on to the faith that knows that Jesus is coming.