This year has been to many of us a year of reaching new thresholds in resilience, hope and faith to keep moving forward despite the turbulence and confusions caused by the pandemic. For us, the story of our faith journey is to respond to our Father’s call to repent and follow him wherever he leads us as labourers in his vineyard.

Each response to this call is different as we may be at different stages of our faith Journey. The Lord is ever faithful to his promise of mercy, healing, and salvation for his people. Forgiveness was attained by the sacrifice of God’s only Son through his death on the cross and resurrection. We may not be able to comprehend this loving sacrifice due to our woundedness, worldly distractions, or storms in our lives. We may feel distant from him and our hearts may be restless. This is where our Lord may be calling us to slow down and to recognise him knocking on the door of our hearts. Let him continue clearing the weeds that has shrouded our mind and heart from feeling his presence and Love.

Prayer and quiet time with our Lord are the strong foundations to developing that deeper relationship with the Lord. As we grow in our relationship with him, an inner transformation begins, enabling us to recognise his forgiveness and healing hand amidst any storm.

The sacrament of reconciliation is a gift from our Lord and let us avail ourselves to this gift and cultivate a rich inner soil to let his word take root and bear fruit.

Let us resolve to take the steps to spring clean our interior self  to prepare joyously for the coming of our Lord in all his power and glory. If we have encountered the Lord, then be a gift to those who are asleep to our Lord’s  beckoning.  Let us be that labourer in his Vineyard to bring back the lost sheep into the flock.