Do you feel injustice is being done to you?

This could be through your work environment or maybe even when communicating with your family. Does it seem like the whole world is against you? In the first reading, the message is clear, the day of justice is coming, says the Lord. If you fear his name, the sun of righteousness will shine on you.

Remain steadfast, says the Lord, for he is here for us.

These are the promises that I believe in when faced with such circumstances.

I am assured whenever I am faced with such scenarios, the Lord rules with justice and fairness. As we come close to the end of the liturgical year, we must be reminded of our faith. Remember the Lord Jesus came into this world to save us. St Paul reminds us that we should not live in idleness. Have you ever encountered a situation in your daily life where the people around you seem more interested in idle work such as office gossip, family politics or even when chatting amongst friends. This could be people who share the same faith as you. You can choose to progress as usual, or will you stand firm and share what is right? Will you be able to have that desire to correct what is wrong?

In Luke’s Gospel, it is clear that we should not be deceived by others who claim to be good. Many will come using the Lord’s name as a promise. The Lord reminds us to stand firm in our ways. He has given us a promise and good will always prevail.

Jesus warns that his followers will face persecution for their beliefs. In persecution God’s wisdom and power will be shown in the example of followers of Jesus. Perseverance in the face of persecution will lead to their salvation.

Let us never forget that we are called to witness through our daily living. That thought alone is a cause of consolation, joy, and hope.

Written by Adrian Rakesh