The transfiguration is an example of what will happen when we walk in the ways of the Lord with faith. A faith that is not tested, is a faith that is rather new. A faith that has withstood the trials of time and events, is a faith that is certain. The transfiguration is an example of what we will be like when we have bathed ourselves in the blood of martyrs or in the purity of faith. Abram’s faith was pure and unadulterated. It was a faith simple and straightforward. This is something most of us needs to work at because we tend to complicate our faith with questions after questions. For most of us, one question leads to another and it goes on until we have all the answers. To have all the answers before responding, is it really faith?

The transfiguration is not a teaser. One where Jesus shows us what he is like and not really offering to us this state of being with him. He makes it possible for us to be like him and it is only through him that we can be like him.

The invitation is to follow Jesus like Abram followed Yahweh God without questions and without assurances. Did Abram have his questions? He most probably did but he was able to suppress it and follow the instructions of the Lord.

Can you follow the way that is set before you?