Admittingly, many of us tend to look out for signs and miracles to convince ourselves that God is alive, that He hears us or is present in our situation.

Do you relate with Doubting Thomas? Does it mean that God is not there when you don’t see the signs, or things don’t go the way you want?

Isn’t our life a sign in itself? The way we live, the way we move with His Spirit? It is a wonder in itself that we have His blessings and graces of hope, faith and patience to go through the various happy and difficult moments.

Also, instead of spending time looking out for signs, should we not be spending time looking into the Word of God, which is alive? God is alive and He speaks to us through His Word. His Word gives guidance, wisdom, inspiration, strength, hope and comfort in all situations. Through the Holy Spirit, our spirits are lifted when we pick up the Bible to read, pray, encourage or edify one another; when we sing songs of prayers during Praise and Worship and when we proclaim His mercies in our prayers.

We should therefore pray for boldness and for the spirit to proclaim His Words to others. We should also pray that God continues to orchestrate our lives and be in our midst.

For our part, we have to remain steadfast and believe that God’s timing is always perfect and be patient in all circumstances, instead of expecting instant gratification.

God is alive and He reigns in us! He has blessed us with many graces, as His mouthpiece and instrument to provide love and comfort to others. Through us, God’s spirit is kept alive to those around us. Let’s be at peace and never anxious, for God has never forsaken us and is always with us. (Philippians 4: 6- 7)


Written by: Ministry of Lectors