There are some who take life like it is a race, and they keep on running, running as fast as they can, before their time runs out. The race has been to strive to excel at school, at work, and at every other aspect of life. For some, this is expected by family members and loved ones.


We live in a society where we have conditioned ourselves to race for many things, from owning the latest gadgets, being in the most updated trends, getting the best deals or must-haves. Remember when news broke about the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns? It became trendy to rush to get the toilet rolls before they ran out.


The madness is within ourselves.


There are those who gain confidence when they are recognised for their achievements and get rewarded for their efforts and commitment. Doing well is for self-gratification. One is defined by the earthly possessions that are owned. There is always the need to strive even harder to sustain what one has achieved.


Only with the realisation that these possessions, achievements and self-gratification are temporal can we be set free from their bondages. The bondage to worldly possessions will make one grow weary and get exhausted from all this race of life. Some do oddly feel guilty and anxious to slow down, to catch a breath, as there is theĀ  fear of being out off from the race.


Life on earth is a journey, and no matter how long we live it will always be a short one compared to eternity. Life in heaven on the other hand is an eternal journey. In the second reading, St Paul reminds us that our true life is not of the earth but in Christ. The treasures that we build should be in the sight of God.


Written by: Angelina Choo (Ministry of Lectors)