“Give us this day our daily bread.” When we utter those words in the Lord’s Prayer, do we truly believe that we will be provided for daily?


This Sunday’s readings prompt us to reflect on how we pray and how we approach Our Father in prayer. Jesus tells his disciples and us, the model way of praying – the Lord’s prayer. One needs to note that it begins with us acknowledging our identity as His children.


Since parents are the first important beings that each child meets, children rely on their parents with complete trust. In the same way, as we acknowledge ourselves to be our Father’s children, we should be confident in our trustworthy Father. Trusting that, we can go to God and speak about anything that weighs on our hearts and minds.


Our Father desires to lavish on us a deep love in order to draw us to an intimate relationship; bought with the precious blood of His son, Jesus. This reveals that our Father is more than just the Almighty and all-powerful God. He is my perfect and loving Father, while I am His beloved child!


When we go to our Father in prayer, let us hold on to this perfect image of a father’s love.


Written by: Clara Tan