It is unrealistic to think that everyone who hears about Jesus Christ is going to be ready to accept what is being revealed to them. The results should not matter at this stage of the proclamation of the Gospel. The early Christians made their proclamations simple – Christ died, Christ was raised from the dead and Christ will come again. What could be simpler? Yes, rising from the dead was be a big stumbling block to them for it was unheard of and this is the reason the Athenians laughed at Paul when he revealed this to them. However, for those who heard it from the Christians who settled in their villages and town as migrants began to listen to them because of their radical way of living. The Christians were one. They cared for each other and they shared with one another whatever they had. The early Christians also went out to care with the new neighbours. This made them question the reason for such radical behaviour. They were curious and therefore open to the revelation of God our Father through Jesus Christ and in the Holy Spirit.


There is power is our words when it is accompanied by actions that do not contradict the words. Be bold to live the faith and to proclaim Jesus. In Luke 9:26, “For if anyone is ashamed of me and of my words, of him the Son of man will be ashamed when he comes in his own glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angels.”


The joy of proclaiming Jesus will come once we overcome the fear of rejection and when we stop looking at ourselves.


Written by: Ministry of Lectors