How I made it to the CSM Parish Retreat 1-3 March

There were many calls to attend a CSM retreat in 2018 but alas, I am a freelance English teacher and my main income came from my weekend teaching sessions – I taught 4 classes on Saturday of 8.5 hours and 3 classes on Sunday of 6.5 hours. I had the perfect excuse for not attending any retreats. So to my surprise, one of the centres hired a teacher from UK and I was told abruptly that from February onwards, my services were no longer needed on Saturday evenings and on Sunday.

The shock of having less income was pacified with the feeling that I needed a break anyway from the breathless pace of 2018. The Lord has always looked after my family’s financial needs, so I was looking forward to spending more time with the family. It also dawned on me that my husband and I could now attend the Parish Retreat!

A week before the retreat, I received a message that I could start teaching on Sundays again and I could start on 10 Mar. Looking back, it could not be just luck that allowed me to attend the Parish Retreat (1 to 3 Mar). It was God’s hand that made it possible. So the following week after the Parish Retreat, I went back to my Sunday teaching. And the Lord has kept my Saturday evenings free for me to attend our NCC group prayers during Lent. The Lord is good, all the time!

by Karen Roberts-Fong