A sign of a vibrant community is evidenced by how there has been a steadily growing number of activities. The parish is buzzing with joy and love.

Our parish conducted outreach at the vicinity of Potong Pasir in May over a few weekends. Dedicated teams reached out to the community and invited others to join our Vibrant Community! The teams went knocking door-to-door to let the residents know that the church welcomes them and to let them know more about the activities and talks that we have in our Parish.

Door-to-Door visiting is something most people tend to avoid as it is highly uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the volunteers did it with a smile and were joyous about it. As the country has recently opened due to its relaxing COVID-19 restrictions. The time has come to invite others back to the parish, especially those who have been in isolation.

Some residents opened their doors wide and were excited to see the big smiles of the volunteers. They reflected that they were keen to sign the young ones up for bible study. Some were not aware that the Church of St. Michael was nearby. Hence, they were pleasantly surprised and motivated to come.

The hope is that these visitations would plant seeds of community building. The impact that these visits will have on individuals, families, and the life of the church, will thus be seen little by little.

We are definitely looking forward to the next Door-to-Door estate visit!

A “YES” from Uncle Roland to door to door visiting

One of the gracious and open neighbours

Curious Young Ones

Invited into the house and what a beautiful altar

Cheers to meeting a lovely family who warmed up!


Kelly Gabrielle Loh