We could pray it in a church, in our room, in our office. Or we might pray it in the car, on the exercise machine, in the supermart, while doing housework or going for a walk. Bringing our hearts into the rhythm of the rosary is something we can do intermittently throughout the day.

Got 2.5 minutes?

That’s all a decade takes: one Our Father, ten Hail Marys, and one Glory Be. We can do that easily, pausing for a moment in between emails, in the car, waiting for the lift, in the office, in between meetings, in between errands. We can pray a decade while cooking dinner, sweeping the floor, holding a baby, or walking to my next appointment. When

I have an important decision to make, when I need to have a difficult conversation with someone, when my child is taking an exam—I can say a quick decade. I can offer a special gift to God—one decade of the rosary—for that particular intention. Let’s take a pause to reconnect with God.

We can pray it anywhere!

We can keep the rosary beads, a rosary card or a rosary ring and pull out anytime, anyplace. Instead of letting our hearts and minds be consumed by the many things we have to do, let us fill some of our day with thoughts of God – all we need to do is pull out our beads and turn to the Lord in this prayer.

In our hearts and mind

Even if we not able to give the rosary our full attention, is it still worth praying? We might not be able to completely unplug mentally from the concerns of the work/ school day. We might be too exhausted to pray well and might be distracted and unable to reach the heights of contemplation. But still, the words themselves are holy. Offering God a decade or two in the midst of our day gives Him our devotion, even if it is without our full, relaxed, undivided attention. Mother Mary intercedes for all that is our heart.

by Julianne Danielle Lim