Adapted by ChatGPT and Karen R-Fong

Two roads diverged, in a mysterious wood
Each leading to a future, so long I stood
A choice I did make, for a path unknown
My journey begins, at times feeling alone

We must ponder, and seek divine will
For the way we choose, can have a lasting thrill
The Bible teaches us to trust in the Lord
And His path will lead us to blessings untold

The walk alone, may be rough and steep
But it leads us to the well of life so deep
With every step, we’ll find grace untold
And in the end, a crown of glory to hold

So let us not be afraid to take the road less travelled
For it will lead to joy, often hard to unravel
And though the journey may be long and hard
Our faith in God, will be our guiding star

So choose wisely, and trust in the Lord
For the road less travelled, leads to a reward
That far exceeds all that we can ask or imagine
In the kingdom of God, where joy never ends