Significance of Feast Day

We invite all parishioners and those with a special devotion to Saint Michael, to come together and celebrate the feast day of our church’s patron saint. Refer to the announcements for more information!

What is a saint’s feast day?

The Catholic Church assigns one date out of the year for each and every canonized saint — known as the saint’s feast day. The saints are remembered on their individual feast days with special mention, prayers, and scripture reading.

Why does a church have a Patron Saint?

A Patron Saint is a saint chosen to be the special intercessor in heaven of our church.

When does a church honour the Patron Saint?

Annually, on the Patron Saint feast day. That is why we honour Saint Michael the Archangel who was chosen as our Patron Saint. On 29 September every year, we devote prayers,  grand celebrations and Eucharistic Celebrations to him.

Who is our Patron Saint?

Saint Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel is the leader of all angels in the army of God.

He is the patron saint of soldiers, doctors, mariners, grocers, paratroopers, police and sickness.

4 main responsibilities as the Lord’s servant are:

  1. Combat Satan
  2. Escort the faithful to heaven at their hour of death
  3. Be the champion of all Christians and the Church
  4. Call men from life on Earth to their heavenly judgment

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