When I recently read a reflection that the apostles must have been traumatised by the cruel death of our Lord Jesus, the term PTSD or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder came to mind. And for just a while, I tried to step into their shoes. Was I watching Jesus from a distance? Was I afraid to be recognised as a friend of Jesus? Did fear grip me and say, quick hide?

So if I pulled up a chair and spoke to a psychologist, he/she may explain that the apostles could have suffered from flashbacks and vivid nightmares of Jesus’s journey to Golgotha, and His dying on the cross. They would have also carried a heavy heart, knowing that they had betrayed our Lord, and be filled with regret and despair.

What if we pulled up a chair with Jesus and spoke to Him about our nightmares, our crisis at work, at home, and the turmoil in our hearts?  Jesus, knowing that the apostles’ hearts were frail, spent time with them before ascending to our Father. I believe Jesus will spend time with us too. Our hearts are frail as well but we sometimes forget to turn to Him for advice. Isn’t it time you sat with the Lord, side by side, face-to-face?

Does Jesus know your situation?
Is it too hard for Him to handle?
Does He have a good plan for you?

Pull up a chair.


Shared by Karen R-Fong, a wannabe tai-tai who wants to retire in a library of books and to read with our Lord to her last days.

Inspired by 2 Chairs, The Secret that Changes Everything by Bob Beaudine