Prayer of Repentance

(Adapted from: Miracle Hour, Linda Schubert)

Loving Father, I am sorry for all the ways I have offended You, knowingly or unknowingly. I have sinned in thought, word, and deed. I have sinned in what I have done, and in what I have failed to do. I come before You and ask for the grace of a deeply repentant heart. You know my innermost secrets. I open my heart to You today and ask You to show me the ways I have blocked the flow of Your love. Forgive me, Father, for all my sins, faults, and failings. For all the times I have gone astray and not chosen life, I am deeply sorry. I repent of my lack of faith, for acting in fear instead of faith, unbelief in Your goodness, or lack of truly believing in Your love.


I repent of not taking care of my physical and emotional health: lack of balance in nutrition, rest and exercise; perhaps the unhealthy suppression of emotions.
Penance: I make a commitment today, to take care of myself by doing a form of exercise at 6am every morning from Monday to Fridays.


I regret any lack of affirming others, brushing people off, coldness , unloving and inconsiderate behaviour.
Penance: Today, I commit to sharing the fruits of my gifts from the Holy Spirit: my skills, my knowledge, my company, my forgiveness, etc., especially with my family.


I am sorry for gossiping, betrayal of confidences and all breaches of faith.
Penance: I commit to spontaneous prayer, each time I am faced with these temptations to instead ask Jesus to fill my heart with love for my neighbour.


I repent of any envy, hatred, resentment, unforgiveness, jealousy, criticizing or judging others, not receiving love in the way it is offered, and withholding expressions of love. I especially ask forgiveness of _____________

Penance: I commit to being broad minded, and I ask the Holy Spirit to guide and teach me, each time I feel trapped.


I repent of any compulsive, addictive behaviour: drinking, drugs, gambling, sex, food and all addictions, especially _____________. Thank you, Father, for setting me free. Penance: I entrust my addictions to you and I commit that I will leave my mobile phone and tablet in the living room, every night, from 9pm onwards, till the next morning.

Most Holy Face of Jesus

Fatima Prayer of Reparation

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love Thee! I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love Thee.

Focus on the top 3 areas you would like to focus on this Lent in 2018. Be specific with how you wish to confront the sin, how you will turn to Jesus in that moment and how you will commit to dying to that sin.

The intentional turning away from sins leads us to the dying of ourselves and the rising to the Christian call to holiness. Let us die to ourselves today and practice the Word daily:

  1. Read (or remember a bible verse)
  2. Reflect (on a particular scripture)
  3. Talk (about it and announce)
  4. Live (the Word through actions)