A poem, written by L2 parent, Rosalind Tjioe, mother of Isaac who had written about  the birth of Jesus and whether we have room in our hearts for Him 🥰

What gives my Lord joy?
Little things and sufferings,
Offered to the King!

Be not afraid
of being little, wee
and chalk-full of misery.

For what need has he of us,
The rich and mighty King?

Only one of Love,
He came to us poor.
A helpless child,
so meek and so mild.

Would you have room?
He humbly asks.
To rest his head,
a little while

Poem written by: Rosalind Tjioe (Mother)

Drawn by L1 Artist: Isaac Goh (Son)

Contributor: Charis Lim

Interviewed by: Julianne Danielle Lim