With the Covid-19 measures for social and physical distancing, all Eucharistic Celebrations and Devotions congregating in a physical location remain limited. With the many changes we have experienced in the year 2o2o, it has been a challenging year for many of us where we could not got to church physically like we used to. With many parishes from all over the world conducting masses and bible studies online, there are many options to participate in. There are many good options for us to choose from, to learn and to grow our knowledge and deepen our faith. At the same time, while we may not be able to physically be in communion as much as we like to in our parish together with beloved sisters and brothers in Christ, let us continue to connect in communion as the body of Christ, online.

A Community that Prays Together, Stays Together

Do you know there are opportunities for daily prayers together and prayer petitions you can submit online? This includes prayers, devotions, novena and intercessory prayer service(s) conducted by our parish. A community that prays together, stays together.

During Circuit Breaker period


  • 8.00  am- Lauds Prayer
  • 12.30 pm- Mid day prayer
  • 6.00 pm- Vespers


  • Mon – Rosary prayers (via WhatsApp)
  • Tue – Intercessory Prayers (via Zoom)
  • Thu – Rosary Prayers (via Zoom)
  • Fri – Devotional Prayers (via Zoom)
  • Fri – Rosary Prayers (via WhatsApp)
  • Sun – Rosary Prayers (via Zoom)

Email csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg for the joining details

Praying for our sisters and brothers in our parish, love ones, ourselves

Over the past few months many people have experienced challenges or impact on their daily and spiritual life due to COVID-19. Let us offer up our prayers for the people we know who are affected, for ourselves and our parish too. The petitions will be collected and offered up during the weekend Eucharist. Kindly input your prayer petitions for our upcoming prayers. Prayer petitions submitted 1 day before the devotional, will be prayed for.

Prayer Petitions (Weekend Eucharistic Celebrations): submit here

Prayer Petitions (Weekday devotionals): submit here

Do also keep a look out for other opportunities to pray together whenever you can in what’s In Our Community!