Living to Glorify the LORD at Work

Have you been in a situation when you wonder to yourself why this person is so amazing?

There was this particular global meeting convention that led me to see Christ at work. There was much vested interests because C- suite stakeholder groups were involved, stakes were high with anxiety in the air. In the last 2 months, while most people were seen anxious and thinking for themselves, I found myself noticing others, making observations such as this person is so caring for others in the midst of turmoil, and that person is so wonderful being so kind towards others. And why is someone else still so remarkable in times where many people are easily irritable. My eyes had scales fall off, revealing why some people are simply so amazing.

The most powerful way to encourage people to be amazed by God is by letting them be amazed at you.

We do not need the particular talents or giftedness in order to be amazing. But perhaps people who see you at work and watch you in action in the workplace say, as they are positively impressed, “Can we find someone so wonderful at work?”

Perhaps they are referring to your integrity or depend-ability. They may be referring to your good work ethic or to the quality of the work which you do and the spirit with it is done. Your positive attitude in the face of difficulty may impress them.

Your co-workers might be influenced by the way you handle adverse circumstances or irritable people. Others could observe you and say, “You are amazing!”

YOU can build a platform for them to be amazed by Him.

By Julianne Danielle Lim


How can we glorify God at Work? Reflection
  1. Our integrity or dependability
  2. Our good work ethic
  3. The quality of work we produce
  4. Our spirit towards a task
  5. The way we handle adverse circumstances
  6. The way we handle irritable people
  7. Our humility
  8. The way we treat our co- workers or collaborators
To Meditate

What are three areas of your life at work that could cause your co-workers to say “Can we find such an amazing person as this?”

To pray

Ask God to make you the kind of worker that amazes people in such a way that they become amazed at Christ.