As we celebrate our Patron’s feast, we are reminded to bring before the angels our offerings to the Lord. The angels accompanies us, as we approach the temple of the Lord, the altar of the Lord. No one is allowed into this temple as it is guarded by the angels of the Lord. To be worthy is to bring a sacrifice is to bring one of a humble contrite heart (ps 51:17). No sacrifice is too small, Mk 12:41, for the Lord wants our hearts. To offer to the Lord is to accept that everything that we have and everything we are comes from His blessings alone.


Faith is a gift given to us freely and what we do with it will be our expression of gratitude to the Lord. Faith does not remain an internal disposition unquantifiable. Where there is faith, there is evidence of it. Where there is faith, there is love and this is the evidence by the way we walk with one another. Where there is faith, there is hope and where there is hope they will always be joy because one always remember that resurrection and knows that nothing can overcome the love of our Father.


To grow this faith is to always be in the presence of the Lord ready to offer tokens of our growth in faith until is it perfect, Mt 5:48.


Jesus invites us to forget about oneself in order to grow in faith, to grow in a deeper relationship with Him. A worship without a relationship is meaningless, empty and a chore.