Christ is risen!  He has risen indeed!   Alleluia!


In today’s Gospel, Mary of Magdala went to the tomb on the first Easter morning, saw that the stone had been moved away, and that the tomb was empty.  Alarmed, she ran back to Peter and the other disciple to inform them about the empty tomb.  Her action of telling Peter and the other disciple about the empty tomb made her the first to proclaim the resurrection, even before she fully recognised it.


The other disciple ran to the tomb upon hearing Mary’s words.  He saw and believed all that Jesus had taught them about how he had to suffer, die and rise again. He thus became the first to respond to Jesus’ resurrection even before he knew what had happened.


Peter, the first to enter the empty tomb, was eager to find out for himself.  He discovered the cloth and linen wrappings and that covered Jesus’ head and body.  His action reflected his eagerness to learn, becoming the first to encounter the empty tomb and was the first to attempt to understand the resurrection.


How much do we understand of the glorious event of Christ’s resurrection in our lives?

Does it spur us to proclaim the Risen Lord like the disciples?


In the first reading, Peter, guided by the Holy Spirit, was able to overcome his prejudices and shared about the resurrected Jesus.   He then baptised Cornelius and his household, the first Gentile Christians.  Peter was with Jesus all the time during his mission and was thus viewed as a reliable witness to everything that Jesus did in Jerusalem, Judea and Galilee.  His listeners were confident in his words.  What is our relationship with Jesus?  Do we know enough to witness about his resurrection and his teaching?


In Colossians chapter 3, we are called to focus on the heavenly things and therein find direction for our lives.   This is a continual commitment to put God in the centre of our lives.  It is a decision that needs to be made over and over again.  Jesus’ resurrection helps us see, seek the things above, and align our lives with him. When we live in the light of Christ and set our minds on the heavenly things, we will be more ready and willing to tell others of the hope that we have in Him.


During this Easter season, let us remind ourselves constantly to live as witnesses to the Risen Christ.  It is the duty of every Christian to respond according to their charisms to bring the love of the Risen Christ to the whole world.


Written By: Melissa Law