Suffering is something that everyone wants to avoid. No one intentionally wants to suffer for nothing. Why do you avoid suffering? Where there is deep love, there is less suffering and yet there is tremendous suffering as well. When a parent loves the child deeply, there is nothing the parent would not do for the child. If the child has to go from Changi to Tuas for an appointment, the parent does not see it as a suffering to bring the child on a bus there. If a parent has to work three jobs to enable the child to study to get a degree, the parent will do so. In all these, there is truly no suffering but only difficulties. However, if the child or a loved one is stricken with terminal cancer, the parent suffers.


Will you suffer for Jesus because you love Him or will you do things for Jesus that you would not do for others? Love is made visible through one’s actions.


“If you are reviled for being a Christian, you are blessed. If you suffer as a Christian, it is an honour.

Glorify God because you bear the name “Christian.”


This would be the rationale that made saints feel blessed and honoured when their ears receive ridicule and criticism, when their body receive painful beatings, when they were dangerously threatened. Through these, they continued to make Jesus known. They could even glorify God and pray that God will bless those who subject them to such suffering.


St. Paul was convinced that the benefits of being a Christian far outweighs the sufferings of following Christ Jesus who gives the peace and love that the world cannot give. Are you?


“Be strong and courageous; do not be frightened or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


Written By: Gloria Khoo