The readings for today implicitly and explicitly invite us to “trust”,  “believe”, and also speak of “blessings and woes”.


Babies learn to trust their parents, especially their mothers, when they constantly care for them – when they are fed, changed, cuddled when they need it, and when they baby talk to them.


As soon as they learned to walk and run, they develop confidence and trust in themselves; they run here and there, and do all sorts of things that parents can hardly catch up with. Sometimes, they slip, trip, or fall down, and they get wounded and cry. Yet, they would do it again and again.


As they grow older, they make friends and learn to trust and confide in them. Some will make good friends; for others, their friends may bring them troubles and may cause them to make mistakes. For parents, who upon realising these mistakes, will then need to step in to correct their children. Some parents may lose some trust in their children because of their behaviour.  While children may also develop resentment against their parents.


As they mature in life and pursue their dreams and ambitions and desire more material things in life, they begin to widen their social and trust circles to include their teachers or mentors, their colleagues, or new found friendship and love. Sometimes, they trust what they see or read in social media, in the Ads, in the news, what they are taught in schools or at work. Some will find happiness and will make good decisions in life. For others, trusting will lead them to many frustrations, painful experiences, and into making wrong decisions or going to wrong directions in life.


Do you see the pattern on how trusting someone or something developed (and the results of those trusting moments) over the years?


Is there a similar pattern of developing trust in our Father who loves you more than anyone else?


One’s trust in God, always brings peace, and joy, and contentment.


If we are rooted in God’s Love and His Word of Salvation, we do not have to worry when troubles and trials come. Our roots are strong and our resolve is driven by the Holy Spirit and we will not run dry from God’s love, His generosity and mercy.

“Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” (John 15)