The first reading, taken from Acts, shows us the early Church as a loving, serving, and worshipping community (Acts 6:1-7). Hence, it easily solved the problem of perceived discrimination over daily distribution by instituting the diaconate for the service of the community. Our own community goes through similar challenges. The responses we make seem to differ. The necessity to voice out objectively and lovingly is ever-present for the needs of our sisters and brothers continue.

In today’s gospel, Jesus explains again that he is going to the Father to prepare rooms for us to join him. Death is not the end of all life but the transition to a new life with our Father. We should start now to prepare for the next part of life. Do not waste time on the worldly ways of being alone, spending unnecessary time, money and energy. One cannot fight the temptation from the world alone. Take ownership and attend events organised by the church, to get to know more parishioners in the church by talking, eating and giving glory to the Lord. Learn more about our faith through bible study and other talks organised by the Church. These help us to prepare for the next part of life and to build a closer relationship with God and with our community here and now.

Trusting in God, as well as support from the church community here has helped me walk through my personal and family trials over the last 2 years. I remember a prayer I said in earlier years to God, “ ..not to give up on me but to break me like clay and re-mould me.” As we journey back to God the Father, let us live each day doing what Jesus desires us to do. The time to take action is now. Do not wait any longer.

Written by: Anne Lum