As we immerse ourselves in the profound words of John 10:11-18, we are drawn to contemplate upon the intimate bond between Christ and his flock. The image of the Good Shepherd knowing each of his sheep by name resonates deep within us, and reminds us of the personal nature of our relationship with God. Just as the Good Shepherd is willing to lay down his life for his sheep, so too does God demonstrate his sacrificial love for us. This love, freely given and unconditional, prompts us to reflect on how we share such a gift.

In our journey through life, we may encounter individuals who act as mere hired hands—those who see the sheep as a means their own ends. In stark contrast, the Good Shepherd exemplifies selflessness and devotion, caring not only for his own flock but also extending his love to other sheep who are not of the fold.

This prompts us to reflect on how we can emulate the actions of the Good Shepherd by reaching out to those beyond our immediate community, embracing the call to evangelise and spread the message of Christ’s love.

Therefore, we are called to deepen our relationship with Christ and embody his sacrificial love in our daily lives. By entrusting ourselves entirely to his care and following him with unwavering trust and obedience, we find solace and guidance even in the midst of our struggles and darkest moments. As Catholics, our journey is one of continual growth and discernment, as we strive to attune our hearts tothe voice of our Good Shepherd and respond wholeheartedly to his call.

Written By: Melissa Tan