Ignorance of the ways of the Lord leads to sin and disbelief. This is one of the themes of today’s readings. The leaders of Israel did not know the ways of the Lord, and they chose to remain in the dark. For them ignorance was bliss. They could not even bear to hear the truth that the apostles were saying to them. If we do not know the commandments of the Lord, it may be possible to excuse this, but if we have had the truth and the commandments proclaimed to us, and we choose not to pay heed to such, we sin.

It is difficult to understand that the disciples who were journeying so close to Jesus, were clueless about the resurrection even though Jesus had told them about it. There were at least three times that he had told them that he would suffer and rise from the dead. For some strange reason, perhaps they were distracted, perhaps they did not understand, when Jesus did rise from the dead, they still could not comprehend the truth.

The resurrection of the Lord is a fact that we are all called to announce and live. If we announce it often enough, we will be reminded about it and begin to live as the ‘Alleluia people’.

Know the truth, learn about the truth, and live the truth that Jesus is Lord.

Written by:

Francis George Lee