Like Peter am I bold enough to proclaim the Word of God to others? What happened to Peter the fisherman, the disciple who denied Jesus three times? What made him speak so eloquently?

Do we choose to keep quiet even though prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak and share the Word of God. Perhaps fear has crept in that others will laugh and ridicule us even to the extent of labelling us as “Churchie persons”. Will we stand up for the resurrected Jesus and be his witness to all even in the face of persecution, trusting in God that he will not abandon us and give the words to speak? The God who gave his only begotten Son as a ransom for the many sins committed, loves me and has a purpose for us. Do we trust his plans for us? Our sins to God is just like a drop of rain in the ocean of his mercy.

Are we just like the two disciples of Jesus who did not recognise the saviour on the road to Emmaus, because they were troubled by their own problems and would have walked pass Jesus? Do our worries and fears impede us from seeing Jesus in the frail and elderly man standing all alone or the foreign cleaners in their sweaty and dirty clothes sweeping and cleaning my estate’s void decks. In my difficulties do I stop to thank them or proclaim Jesus to them or is it a matter of each of us are dealing with our own problems and us having the mindset that we don’t want to be bothered by others and we don’t want to bother others? In our busy schedules, do we set aside time to listen others? How many times have we brushed them aside and walked pass those having problems without giving a moment of thought that Jesus is in them?

Written By :  Thomas Sinnappan /Mary Thomas