How do we feel when we have gone out of our way to help someone but see that our acts of kindness are soon forgotten or treated lightly?

Even though the Israelites had witnessed amazing miracles which had been worked on their behalf, they forgot them very quickly and, worse, turned back to their familiar idols and gods of Egypt.

At the heart of this problem, is the fact that gratitude, deep gratitude is that which is missing. When the Lord answers us and delivers from difficult situations, we move on with our lives. The thanksgiving is momentary, fleeting with the next engagement that comes along. The proclamation of what He had done and the dwelling in the moment of graciousness is forgotten. This deprives us and others of the glory of God. His goodness and mercy are not heard by those who are looking for hope in the Lord hears one’s prayers.

The faithful Jews told and retold orally the works of the Lord and these stories inspired them and others to remain faithful to the Lord. It was when they stopped telling these stories that they began to fall away and get into trouble. Retelling our stories will help us remember how the Lord helped us and kept His promises.  This way, we would not, over time, forget His intervention in our circumstances or begin to attribute the good outcome to our own achievements, making gods of ourselves.

Delving into God’s Word will further strengthen our focus and trust in Him amid the many distractions that vie for our attention and a place in our heart.

Written by:
Mary Pierre

(Ministry of Lectors)