God’s Wisdom is different from our own Wisdom. He has his ways of making decisions for us which we will never understand as we do not understand his ways. However, trusting in his decisions is imperative for us believers. What we must have is faith and trust in his leadership.

In the 2nd reading, Paul presents a doxology about God’s wisdom using two quotations from the Old Testament (Isa 40:13; Job 41:11). Both quotations celebrate God’s exalted status and wisdom over His creatures. The creatures must remain dependent on him. They do not have any right to assume His role as Creator or judge; they do not even have anything to offer God that He might need. In light of His greatness, all humanity must recognise His mercy, which He demonstrated by offering Christ so that all who believe may be saved.

In today’s Gospel, Peter is asked by Jesus as to Jesus is to him. Jesus required a personal answer from Peter and not what others were saying about him. It is not as important as what others say about Jesus but what is one’s personal answer and conviction about who Jesus is. Only when one is able to give a personal answer that one knows the person more deeply. Believing in what others say might just be on a simple level, factual or even worse dubious knowledge. To know someone deeply indicates an interest in that person. Do you know who Jesus is to you? Many times, we fail in understanding and assessing who he is because we just follow what others say about him.