The Lord has blessed us abundantly for us to understand his love and providence. To be truly appreciative this, we should use these blessings to live in his presence. The blessings of material comfort can often turn us into jello. For comfort is what most of us seek. In this comfort, there is a letting down of our guard and eventually we do not see how much we had given up for the sake of remaining just as where we are. This dulls us to journey towards to Kingdom of God, towards a deeper relationship with the Lord. This is where the call to stay awake becomes more pertinent because to fall asleep comes subtly into our lives because we think everything is going on well. A settling into today is a settling into the end our journey.

Every day that has passed is a day closer to the Lord’s return and yet we do not know if it will be tomorrow that he returns. It will be the same when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. No one knew it would happen and no one knew how it was going to happen. The more a day passes as it was the day before, we are dulled into thinking that tomorrow will bring very much the same episodes into our lives.

A person going for a routine medical check-up never thinks that there would be something drastically wrong with him. However, it has in so many cases, been a discovery of a terminal illness that was never suspected.

Are you ready for the Lord’s return when you close this page?