The readings today remind us about how much God truly loves and cares for us. The entrance antiphon sets the tone with “The Lord is the strength of his people, a saving refuge for the one He has anointed.” It is a reminder that we can always count on the Lord to be there for us in times of trouble. The message of today is that we have the backing of the all-powerful, and so we should embrace His presence in our lives.

The first reading tells us about the taming of the tempest out at sea. It demonstrates the splendour and power of our God and the depths of His love for us. Is the reading really just about God flexing the extent of his power? No it is not. In the last verse it says “here your proud waves shall break.” Not only does this refer to the many tempests that surround us but to us individually as well. We are often our own tempest, with pride at the root of it all hiding behind devious veils. There is a call to be humble in order to receive the graces of the Holy Spirit and have our cups overflow with His love.

The second reading tells us  about the importance of Christ’s death on the cross and how He has redeemed humanity from their sins with His sacrifice. His death provides forgiveness of sins for those who come to faith in Christ. Jesus’s overwhelming and undying love for us made him compelled to pay for our sins by being our death-substitute. Therefore, His substitution for us makes it possible for us to be forgiven for our sin by God’s grace through our faith in Christ (Ephesians 2:8-9). Today’s scripture indicates that besides the all-important eternal salvation that was obtained, by Jesus’ death; He died and was raised again so that those how believe in Him will stop living for themselves and begin to live for God. Hence, Jesus Christ intends that those who receive the gift of life through His death be reborn as His new creation. Those who believe in Jesus Christ will respond by dying to selfishness and rising in the selflessness of His love in order to live for others as Jesus did for all mankind.

The Gospel reading is a demonstration of Jesus’s complete power and authority over the raging Sea of Galilee. This is the same power that heard of in the first reading. Despite the violent storm which threatened to destroy the boat and its crew, Jesus remained calm and asleep on the cushion. The scripture also shows his disciples’ lack of faith and belief in Christ. They were filled with awe as they said to each other “Who can this be? Even the wind and sea obey him”. The storm represents the struggles of our daily lives. Like the disciples who were initially appalled by Jesus’s lack of care despite the storm, we often blame God for “ignoring” us when we face shortcomings or difficulties. The Gospel urges us to have complete faith and turn to Christ no matter the circumstances as God has control and power over all the problems on earth.

In essence, today’s message is about not losing hope in our Father and relying on Him in times of trouble for His love has no bounds. It might be quiet, dark or lonely at times, but that does not mean that our Father is not near. He truly knows us better than we know ourselves and wants the best for us. We need only to trust in Him and live selflessly for others so that they too may experience God’s love and grace.