Wondering how to share in the next small group community session? Giving our personal testimony is a way to share the gospel with others by sharing our personal encounters of how God our Father has saved us and changed our lives.

Prior to sharing my testimony to our parish community, I was anxious of how my testimony would be received by others who listen to it and may find it out of point or too long- winded. However, after saying yes to the Holy Spirit to share and I started to pay attention to what testimonies touched me- they were the ones who were of people who had their lives changed. No matter if it was a small part or a bigger aspect of their lives. It is not the “right” things that is shared, nor how eloquent the speeches are, but in how God has been touched and transformed that person. And when others hear and see how we have changed, they too will witness how the gospel and the good news have taken place in our lives. Doing much research to “present” my faith story in a manner that everyone can relate to and succinctly, here are 4 points based on Kerygma to help guide our personal testimony.

4 Points to Share My Testimony

#1: God is unconditional love

  • Examples of how I have experienced God’s love
  • This is what I have experienced

God is love, God is kind. In the midst of our sinfulness the Spirit moves us to God.  When it is the Spirit of God, he brings us to the Lord. Then we realize we are the prodigal son.  The prodigal son realized all of the stupid things that he had done, and he said. “I can return to my father.” Scripture says, he came to his senses and he returned to his father. That’s the spirit testifying to our Lord’s mercy, forgives no matter what we have done.

Our Lord is kind, is patient, is merciful. This is Kerygma. So the first thing is that God loves us. That God is unconditionally loving.

#2: I Have fallen and failed

  • We have fallen, we have sinned.
  • This is how I have failed

#3: Jesus came to rescue me

  • This is what I have experienced
  • Examples of how I was saved and rescued

Left to my own devices I would have no hope but because Jesus has broken in our lives and he has rescued us that I am able to tell that story. This is how my life has changed since Jesus broke into my life. Know that left to my own devices, and that’s the one that will happen, I will fail.

It is the one thing that all saints also have in common, fallen, sinned, is that they need to be rescued. With the exception of Mary. Peter is sinking, Jesus reaches out his hand, grabs us by the hand, rescues us so that we don’t drown.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.- John 3:16

Jesus has come to give us life, he has come as a ransom for us. Scripture says that he didn’t’ come for the healthy person, rather, he came for the sick, the sinner. That’s me.

He shows me my blindness, and shows me my weakness, and shows me my brokenness. And that same spirit that convicts that which reveals that to me, which is revealed to us in the person of Jesus. And that perfect love casts out all fears in me.

#4: How Have I Responded

  • My choice & decision
  • How my life is different since I chose and decided to follow our Lord

Share how I responded and go and share that life with others.

Remember, it is not how eloquent our stories are, but in how God has touched and transformed us that people will be encouraged by. God’s glory is to shine through the daily activities of our lives.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God- 1 Corinthians 10:31

By Julianne Danielle Lim