Have You Invited Your Friend or Colleague to Discover About Jesus?

RCIA Journey 2021, held Thursdays at 8pm: There is still a possibility of bringing your friend or colleague to discover about Jesus. Do you know of others who are wondering what is the purpose of life? Or what are one’s identity based on?

Share Our Own Faith Story

Giving our personal testimony is a way to share the gospel with others by sharing our personal encounters of how God our Father has saved us and changed our lives. Here are 4 Points you may use to structure your story.

Have Courage and Be Gentle

Jesus isn’t pushy.  He did not grab us by our ears and demand us to ‘Repent!’  Instead, Jesus is always looking for opportunities to invite people into a relationship with God through faith in himself.

We should also be aware of the relationship we have with the person and how much time we spend time with this person too.  We don’t need to be pushy or manipulate people into something they don’t want.  But we need to understand that, like us, people need Jesus.  This means we should be asking God to show people who he is through us.  As we spend time with them, we should look for signs of spiritual hunger and opportunities to point them to Jesus where they can find life.

Look Around Us

Pray for Someone You Know. Sometimes we feel like we need to go on a mission trips or do something extraordinary to introduce others to Christ.  We do not need to, but just be ourselves. Let us look out around us to see who God has put in our lives and ask God to work through us.  The results are up to God our father, with the pressure off , we just need to open the invitation and reach out to plant the seed of curiosity. And the rest are up to God.

Invite the person (s) that come to mind with this poster, to “come and see” (John 1:36) and to “seek the truth” (Jer 29:13) what our lord has to offer them.

By Julianne Danielle Lim