How Can I Be LOVE to My Family

It Begins with the Couple

Love in the family is an enterprise that requires time and efforts. It begins with the couple.

As a couple, we need to be intentional in loving God and each other.

We grow our relationship by setting aside time to love and to communicate so that we are aware of each other’s aspirations so as to create new ‘history’ together because we have promised to love and honour each other till ‘death do us part’.

It is also important to find time to do enjoyable things together and be child-like from time to time.

The Second Vatican Council has called the family a ‘domestic church’. The foundation to a fruitful domestic church is a marriage that is firmly anchored in God our Father. As long as God our Father is at the centre of all familial relationships, we can weather through life’s ups and downs and not be wearied because we choose to remain in love with God our Father and with each other. ‘Let everything you do be done in love.” (1Cor 16:14) This is how the family can be the school to forming disciples of Jesus Christ by first and foremost helping all the in family to grow in love!

By Daphne Leong

It Begins with the Parent

  • Spend Time With Your Children: How you spend your time reflects what’s important to you.
  • Earn The Right To Be Heard: Taking an interest in their views and their issues Being honest, vulnerable, and talking about anything.
  • Discipline With A Gentle Spirit: discipline is a function of the parent’s love for their  children, which is why it should never be hard-nosed or harsh. Disciplines role is not to intimidate or tear down but to mould and to correct. So, discipline with a teacher’s heart and your children will learn just how much you love them.
  • Be A Role Model: Parents are role models to their children. A parent can best teach their children the values of self-restraint and hard work. A parent can also champion the virtues of honesty and humility by admitting when they are wrong. Modelling-being a living example-is worth more to your children than anything you could ever tell them.
  • Teach The Lessons Of Life: A parent teaches the children right from wrong imparts the faith in God to the kids and encourages them to strive for excellence.

By Julianne Danielle Lim