When Catechist, Ms Jaqueline Ho asked the 7 year olds, the L1 students in her Catechism class what Advent is about, she got a sense that they did not know what it meant…. the little ones said they heard what Advent is, but do not know what it is about….

That is when when quick-thinking and fun-loving Catechist Jaqueline thought, how opportune it would be if there is a way for these adorable little children and their families to do something meaningful together. So Jaqueline spoke about what advent is all about, why we make an advent wreath and what they would need to do with their parent(s).

The objective is to culminate in the time spent together allowing the parent to re-explain what each candle means in their own words too, while the children experience the parent- child activity in the making and has some time to reflect in the new knowledge and stories told to them.

Jaqueline also thought it would be a good opportunity for the children to learn about recycling and how we can save the environment in the process of doing so. So the children and parents were asked to use things around the house and were also advised not to purchase any material.

And this is the outcome of a few of the Advent bonding project of these parent-child pairs!

L1 Elliot with his proudly completed Advent project, supported by his mother Sarah who is behind the camera

Son and Mother pair: Jonah and Charmaine, creating more fun memories

Son and Father pair, Chester and Charles, after a fun time together

Daughter and mother pair, Robyn and Karen, with some hands on bonding time


Contributor: Jaqueline Ho

Interviewed by: Julianne Danielle Lim