On 11 Jun 2022, the Level 4, 5 and 6 children took a learning trip to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden (JBCG).

Using their 5 senses to experience nature, they pondered about their creator, Our Father in Heaven.

Read what our children experienced!

From Kaelyn (L4 child):
“I enjoyed the nature, being with my friends, and learning about God through all the different things I saw in the park.

I had experienced a lot more things from this field trip as compared to being in a classroom.

Every thing of nature in the park was different and unique but they are all from the same creator, just like us.”

From Isaiah (L6 child):
“It was very fun to go out and explore nature with my friends. During the trip, I felt that God surpasses human’s advances in technology in His own way, not by using numbers or codes but through nature.

His works are flawless and fit perfectly in place like a jigsaw puzzle.

For example, how the trees grow, in the process produces oxygen for us, and how the trees takes in carbon dioxide from us in return as part of the life cycle of a tree.”


From Alexis (L4 child):

“I like the fact that it is an open space that we can roam about and explore. I also learnt about the names of different plants and how there are so much more we can learn and explore in nature.”

From Teresa (Parent Volunteer): “The trip to JBCG was a relaxed and enjoyable one.

It was really nice to see the children engaging with one another in conversations freely.

During the outing, we were asked to ponder about who we think God is like from looking at nature. It was an interesting question as we seldom have time to slow down and admire God’s creation.”

From Liz Chan (L6 parent):
“It was an enriching trip to the Jacob Ballas garden.

We touched, felt, listened, smelt, and even tasted what nature brought us. Thank you God for this beautiful world we live in.”

From Isaac Yip (L6 child) :

“The Jacob Ballas garden is a nice place where you can enjoy nature and the plants and greenery, and at the same time you can use the 5 senses to sense God through nature.”

The natural world can be an arena for feeling God’s love. We easily feel the presence of God our father when we are in natural, beautiful, wild places and that could be how some experience God’s love when communing with nature…

So don’t hesitate to get out there the next time we want to connect with God!


Interviewed & Contributed by: Catechist, Gloria

(representing all Catechists present)