Pope Francis who wrote in a homily on October 10 2014, said the best way to guard one’s heart is with the daily practice of an “examination of conscience”, in which one quietly reviews what bad things one has done and what good things one has failed to do for God, one’s neighbour and oneself.

The questions include:

• Do I only turn to God when I’m in need?
• Do I begin and end the day with prayer?
• Do I rebel against God’s plan?
• Am I envious, hot-tempered, biased?
• Am I honest and fair with everyone or do I fuel the “throwaway culture”?
• In my marital and family relations, do I uphold morality as taught in the Gospels?
• Do I honour and respect my parents?
• Have I refused newly conceived life? Have I snuffed out the gift of life?
• Do I respect the environment?
• Am I part worldly and part believer?
• Do I overdo it with eating, drinking, smoking and amusements?
• Am I overly concerned about my physical well-being, my possessions?
• How do I use my time?Am I lazy?
• Do I want to be served?
• Do I dream of revenge, hold grudges?
• Am I meek, humble and a builder of peace?